Employment Contracts

An employment contract lists the terms and conditions between employer and employee.
It must comply with Australian workplace legislation and regulations.

A well-drafted contract will ensure you avoid entering into an unlawful agreement and be
liable for large financial penalties.

Does your business have proper employment contracts in place for each of your employees
in Australia?

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Employing staff in Australia and staying on top of changing laws
can be complicated.
At Polyglot Group, our dedicated, qualified HR
experts are here to support your operations and your employees.

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Employment Contracts

Outline Employment
Terms & Conditions

Risk Mustard

Minimise Risk
with Employees

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How do Employment Contracts work?


Need an employee’s employment contract drafted from scratch? We provide
individual employment contract drafting on your behalf, specific to the position.

Have an existing employment contract that requires review? We will examine the provided
and amend any clauses that are not in accordance with Australian laws.

Alternatively, we offer employment contract templates for your business to use and reuse as desired. These include permanent (full & part-time), fixed-term, and casual contracts as required.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow, or a larger business
looking to be more efficient, we have the solution to ensure your business
thrives with more support and most importantly, less risk.

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