Salary Benchmarking

Salary benchmarking / salary surveys use market data to identify the competitiveness of your employees’ remuneration packages.

Though a seemingly simple step, researching average salaries in your employees’ industries
and roles is an important part of hiring
and retaining quality employees.

Are you keeping up with Australian standards
for your employees’ remuneration? 

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Employing staff in Australia and staying on top of changing laws
can be complicated.
At Polyglot Group, our dedicated, qualified HR
experts are here to support your operations and your employees.

Use Our Salary Benchmarking to...

Job Analysis 2 Mustard

Research Average
Roles & Remunerati

Workforce Planning

Understand the
Local Talent Market

Attract & Retain
Quality Employees

How does Salary Benchmarking work?


As experts in Australian employment and workplace regulations, we provide a salary
survey report
which outlines the current market salary for your required positions.

Each salary survey report will be adapted to company size,
annual turnover, industry,
and job location.

Each report will contain the lower quartile, median, upper quartile and average
salary for the requested position in order to make an informed salary decision.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow, or a larger business
looking to be more efficient, we have the solution to ensure your business
thrives with more support and most importantly, less risk.

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