Global Mobility: Visa Project Management

No need to worry about visa processing; we make international mobility a reality for you. From gathering and preparing all necessary documents for sponsorships and visa applications to supporting you and your new employee during the setup process, we help you bring and foster diversity within your workplace.

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Simplify International Hiring in Australia with Our Immigration Experts.

Have you found the right international candidate, yet feel confused about the visa process?
We are here to assist you to ensure that talented expatriates can join your team promptly.

If your company can’t directly sponsor a temporary TSS work visa, our On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA) service is the solution. It allows us to sponsor the employee on your company’s behalf, empowering your staff and business. This eliminates the need for your company to apply for its own sponsorship license, ensuring faster processing.

The OHLA seamlessly integrates with our Employer of Record solution, providing true local expertise to simplify your business expansion.

Our Visa Project Management includes...

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Workforce Planning

HR Employee

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Defining Salary &
Market Rates

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Ongoing HR

How does Visa Project Management work?


With the help of our trusted migration agent, we assist you throughout the
entire visa process from start to finish. We gather, review, and organise the
necessary documentation for a successful visa application.

But our service doesn’t end there; we also help your new employee
in a new country and provide ongoing HR support pre-departure,

on-assignment, and during repatriation. Our Visa Project Management
service ensures that the entire global mobility process runs effortlessly.

So, whether you are a small company looking to grow, or a larger business
looking to be more efficient, we have the solution to ensure your business
thrives with more support and most importantly, less risk.

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