Foreign Staff Sponsorship in Australia

Hiring overseas workers in Australia? Are you missing the legal requirements required to directly sponsor foreign skilled workers? We can help you.

When employing skilled talent from overseas in Australia, complex immigration & employment laws can hold you back and slow you down.

This is where we come in…

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What is On-Hire Labour Agreement?


Our On-Hire Labour Agreement contract allows us to sponsor temporary TSS work visa holders on your company’s behalf,
empowering your staff – and your business.

This solution eliminates the need for a company to apply for their own license to sponsor skilled overseas workers. Labour On-Hire Agreement Holders also receive faster processing as Polyglot Group has already negotiated directly with the Department of Home Affairs and has been approved as a sponsor.

The OHLA is the perfect addition to our Employer of Record solution, simplifying your business expansion with true local expertise.

We on-hire international candidates
to unite your business with skilled talent.

Why use it?

The Polyglot Group
Access a Global Talent Pool

The On-Hire Labour Agreement is a quick and easy way to hire skilled international talent.

When matched with our Employer of Record solution, we hold the ability to source, employ, sponsor and on-hire overseas talent for you.

The Polyglot Group
Hire & Retain Top Talent

With this solution in place, candidates can work in Australia for up to 4 years.

What’s more, your candidates could be eligible to apply for permanent residency, thereby helping you to retain top talent.

The Polyglot Group
Cut Through Red Tape

By using our On-Hire Labour Agreement, we become the Employer of Record for the visa holder.

We are therefore responsible for your employee over the visa’s duration which takes a great majority of the sponsorship obligations off your shoulders.

The Polyglot Group
Simplify Sponsorships

Uncertain about the costs and obligations that come with sponsoring an employee?

Let us ease the process by taking over the full management of your expatriate contingent workers, including their immigration and visa requirements.

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