Outsourcing your Talent Acquisition is a smart business strategy with a multitude of benefits, especially for companies that are looking for offshore hiring.

The recruitment landscape, and more specifically, the expectations of both employers and employees, has changed significantly since the pandemic… Partnering with a Talent Acquisition (TA) provider means you can have a strategic approach to streamlining your business growth and leveraging your company’s needs.

Outsourcing your recruitment ensures a process of identifying and acquiring skilled talent to meet your organisational needs. Furthermore, TA providers have access to a larger pool of talent, and have the expertise to handle the complexities that may come along with it.

Yet, outsourcing your talent acquisition is not a one-size-fits-all model. You want to partner with a provider that has its toes dipped in many different sectors and will offer custom solutions to suit your business objectives and needs. 

So,  whether you’re looking for a specific industry or expertise, choosing the right recruitment agency will streamline your business recruitment and attract quality candidates for you. However, this all boils down to finding the right talent acquisition partner. 

To help you choose the right provider, we have listed five important points to consider before outsourcing your TA operations.


1. Industry Reputation & Quality Talent

A recruiter’s ultimate goal is to hire the right people for the job at hand. That’s what makes them an expert!

Ultimately, every business is unique, and so are its needs. Thus, a provider that has an in-depth understanding of your industry and business goals as well as the ability to streamline your hiring process for the long-term, is the one to go for!

Before deciding on a provider, we recommend doing your due diligence and carrying out some thorough research so as to determine their reputation, experience, and their accessibility to a solid database of candidates.

Start by exploring their website to read about their services or visit their ‘about us’ section, which may highlight their industry experience. Don’t forget to check their social media presence, especially LinkedIn, which will give you more insight into their network of people and how they interact with their clients and followers. 

Most importantly, read their success stories to learn about their approach and the range of clients they have worked with. This will reflect their reputation within specific industries and their experience with companies similar to your magnitude.  


2. International Presence & Experience

A recruitment agency’s international presence will speak volumes about its experience with businesses with similar needs. 

Typically, their international experience also means that they have a strong database of skilled talent all over the world, along with strong local market knowledge

Another point to note is that the more international exposure they have, the more experienced they might be with large volume hiring

Should a recruitment company have offices across the globe, this will ensure:

Their ability to be multilingual

Their local market expertise

– Their multicultural exposure 

Their experience working with multinational companies 

– Their flexibility to work across different time zones


In this post-pandemic world, we have seen a growing demand in companies looking to retain or find skilled talent to work overseas. Then what do you do? Is this something a TA provider is equipped to offer?

For instance, one of your best employees might be looking to move back to their home country. Then, how do you retain them? Or maybe you are looking to start a new venture in another country. A TA provider may be able to offer you a solution to source, employ, sponsor and on-hire overseas talent for you.


3. Specialists Hire & Additional Support

Hiring looks different for everyone, so having flexibility is crucial to choosing a TA provider. Whether you’re hunting for a temporary worker, a contractor, or a project specialist – the right recruitment provider should cater to your needs by adjusting their strategy to meet your goals.

Alongside talent acquisition, your business may also require additional support, especially if you are expanding or setting up your business from the ground up. In this instance, consider choosing a provider that offers a range of additional services to support your business growth and the full employment lifecycle, such as:

– Payroll outsourcing

– HR functions

– Language support

Business set up

Partnering with a provider that offers a variety of services means that all your needs are looked after under one roof. This naturally saves your business time, money, and alleviates the hassle of searching for additional support. 

Most importantly, you can focus on the core competencies of your business while your recruitment partner can look after some of the major HR and business set-up functions. The benefits of partnering with one core partner include:

– Tailored service packages to suit your needs

– Access to one point of contact instead of spreading yourself thin communicating with several partners

– Better communication and transparency

– Cost-effective bundles


4. Compliant & Legal Processes

It is crucial to choose a provider that makes a point of always staying on top of ever-changing employment and hiring legislation. Why? Because the hiring process in every country and state is different and comes along with many layers of complexities. 

Different laws, regulations, and structures can easily throw you off, especially if you are looking to expand internationally. However, a global recruitment firm is an expert in this field; thus they know the compliance, licensing process and other legalities for each position. Again, a trusted provider will take care of all the necessary end-to-end hiring processes while you can sit back and focus on other aspects of your business. 


5. Evaluate Your Needs

This brings us to our final point,  evaluating your needs before choosing the partner. How much of the recruitment process are you looking to outsource? Is this something you are planning alongside your in-house HR team, or are you looking to outsource all of your TA needs?

Other things to consider are, is this a long-term goal or one-off?  Before choosing a TA partner, you need to evaluate your hiring needs. Once you are aware of your specifics, then this guide will make it all the easier to help you find the right provider.


The Polyglot Difference:


People are the single most important drivers of every company’s success. That makes Talent Acquisition one of the most important departments of every firm.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, outsourcing your recruitment to an expert will ensure all your needs are met, and provide your company with the best talent. They are dedicated to finding and hiring people that are equipped with the right skills for your business while providing them with an exceptional candidate experience.

After all, they are experts at what they do, which is all facets of hiring and retaining, while you carry out other activities of the business.

About the Author:

With over 15 years’ experience in advisory and leadership positions, William is an accomplished and pragmatic leader. Having helped countless international businesses grow and expand, William has an innate cross-cultural understanding. Passionate about his work, William loves mentoring and sharing with others.