Hiring foreign talent in Australia isn’t easy.


However, it might be necessary to help grow your business; whether it be requiring a trusted employee from your company to set up your entity in Australia, or requiring niche talent from overseas to satisfy your company’s needs. 

With stringent policies set out by the Australian government in place to be eligible to sponsor a foreign worker, you may want to consider an easier alternative – using an On-Hire Labour Agreement.

With only a handful of organisations granted in the whole of Australia, The Polyglot Group has been providing this service since 2017


What is an On-Hire Labour Agreement (OHLA)?

An On-Hire Labour Agreement is a formal arrangement negotiated between Australian employers and the Australian Government under certain circumstances. This allows overseas workers to be sponsored for a skilled visa which allows them to work in Australia for a specified period of time, in an approved occupation.

These arrangements are designed to assist employers in addressing immediate skill needs, whilst ensuring that opportunities for job-ready Australians are protected.

In short, this agreement, which is part of our Employer of Record (EOR) offering,  allows businesses like Polyglot, to sponsor temporary TSS work visa holders on your company’s behalf, empowering your staff – and your business.

Typically, Australian businesses can become a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) which allows them to hire foreign talent with the Temporary TSS Work Visa. However, if you do not have an Australian entity, partnering with us, where we act as a surrogate sponsor is the most convenient way to hire foreign talent. 


On-Hire Labour Agreement: Hear From Our Expert


Problems that Partnering Using an OHLA will Solve


1. Your company does not have an Australian Entity but wants to set one up 

If your company wishes to set up in Australia, you more than likely will desire to have a seasoned leader from your organisation to lead the entity. They have the experience and company knowledge to help your business flourish. However, without being sponsored by an Australian company, the employee as a foreign worker, will not be able to head up the expansion.

Through an approved business like Polyglot Group, we can use our OHLA solution to help your business bring the best and most well-suited talent for the job. Being one of a few approved companies in Australia, we can hire and manage the sponsorship of foreign workers, on your behalf.


2. Your Company Does Not Meet The Requirements To Sponsor

To sponsor an overseas worker, it requires companies to become a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). To become an SBS, your company must fulfil certain requirements. These are, but are not limited to:

– Must be an Australian local entity (and have been for at least six months)

– Prove certain revenue and cash flow 

An easier and faster solution would be utilising our OHLA service. We have already met these requirements and therefore can completely remove that extra time spent meeting the prerequisites, and get straight to sorting out your sponsorship needs.


3. Your organisation has a restricted headcount

If your company wants to maintain their current headcount, our OHLA can be the round-about solution. Through an OHLA, you won’t have to be the direct sponsor, and with our EOR service, the worker will be officially recognised as an employee of Polyglot Group. 

This solution will help maintain your company’s headcount limit and allow your entity to grow without restriction. In addition, your worker’s sponsorship intricacies will be handled by Polyglot Group, allowing you to focus wholly on your company’s core competencies. 


What are The OHLA Benefits?

We on-hire international candidates to unite your business with skilled talent. Benefits include:


1. Access to a Global Talent Pool

The On-Hire Labour Agreement is a quick and easy way to hire skilled international talent. When matched with our Employer of Record solution, we hold the ability to source, employ, sponsor and on-hire overseas talent for you.   


2. Hire & Retain Top talent

With this solution in place, candidates can work in Australia for up to 4 years. What’s more, your candidates could be eligible to apply for permanent residency, thereby helping you to retain top talent   


3. Cut through red tape

By using our On-Hire Labour Agreement, we become the Employer of Record for the visa holder. We are therefore responsible for your employee over the visa’s duration which takes a great majority of the sponsorship obligations off your shoulders.     


4. Simplify sponsorships

Uncertain about the costs and obligations that come with sponsoring an employee? Let us ease the process by taking over the full management of your expatriate contingent workers, including their immigration and visa requirements.


Talk to our experts if you want to find out how an EOR-sponsored visa may be a solution for your upcoming recruitment and visa sponsorship needs.

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With over 15 years’ experience in advisory and leadership positions, William is an accomplished and pragmatic leader. Having helped countless international businesses grow and expand, William has an innate cross-cultural understanding. Passionate about his work, William loves mentoring and sharing with others.
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