Growing businesses are always looking for ways to expand their operations and client base, while maintaining profitability and cost-efficiency. 


Yet, this is no easy feat.

In fact, expanding overseas remains one of the most expensive and time-consuming processes a business can undertake. This is especially true when undertaking the whole process in-house, which can quickly divert your focus away from your core business competencies. 

Luckily there’s an affordable and effective solution: set-up a virtual office address.  


What is a Virtual Office Address? 

Essentially, a virtual office is a service which provides a business with all the perks of commercial office space – a local address and telephone number, communication and administration services, etc. – without the need to commit to a physical office space.

This solution is especially popular with startups, scale-ups and small businesses that want to minimise overhead, as well as larger companies expanding to a new geographical location


Why get a Virtual Office Address?

Virtual office addresses are ideal because they can help you minimise expenses while ensuring your business maintains a professional reputation. This is especially useful for businesses that are predominantly remote.

Furthermore, in many countries, a business address is a legal requirement to retrieve all the necessary permits and licenses to operate overseas.

Moreover, having a local business address in a country where you might have minimal staff enhances the perception that your company is local, which will make it easier for locals to trust doing business with you

Here are a few other reasons why virtual addresses are a must-have when expanding to a new geographical location or going remote:


Virtual offices are more affordable as they remove the cost of renting out physical offices, equipment and employing admin personnel. In addition, these spaces are shared across multiple clients, which reduces costs further.

– A virtual office address is used to establish credit, which will enable you to open up bank accounts, apply for business licences, set up a registered entity / company and other requirements for business growth.

– The workplace is one of the largest cost commitments businesses have to carry out. Having a virtual office address allows your business to have flexible access to the resources you need only when you need them.

– A commercially recognised address in an upmarket part of town adds credibility to your business.

A key benefit of using a virtual office address is SEO geolocation. This is because many online services benefit from the ‘near me’ feature in search engines. As businesses go digital a well placed SEO geolocator pin can’t be looked over.

How to Setup a Virtual Address

There are three key steps to setting up a virtual mailing address:


– Find a Service Provider

The first step to finding a virtual address is to Identify a service provider that fits within your budget and offers all of the services you require.

It’s worth noting that not all virtual address service providers are of the same calibre. For instance, some might include a phone number, whilst others might not. We recommend choosing a partner who offers comprehensive & tailored services so you can keep all of your outsourced services centralised.

Finally, it’s worth looking into which locations the service provider offers. Depending on your business, you may wish to have your virtual address in the CBD, or perhaps on the outskirts of a city, in a more trendy suburb.


– Pick & customise your services 

After choosing your service provider and ideal location, it’s now time to customise the services that will best suit your business. 

We offer unique and local phone numbers, phone answering and voicemail services, mail forwarding and management services, as well as renting our desks and meeting rooms.


– Purchase & confirmation

The next step is to get in contact with one of our experts to get the application process started. Once your application has been approved we will send you a confirmation and welcome letter. 

That’s it, 3 easy steps to creating your virtual office set-up in a matter of hours.   


Whether you’re a business working remotely or expanding internationally, our virtual office spaces can support your work challenges and help your business grow.

There’s no need to pay for space that you don’t use. Instead, you can access our prestigious location and phone number at an affordable price. 

To set up your virtual address today, reach out to us here.

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About the Author:

With 25 years’ experience providing outsourced corporate services to multinational companies, Laura’s wealth of experience in tax, accounting, finance & payroll makes her the ideal partner for growth.
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