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ARC International

The French company, headquartered in Arques, was founded in 1825 and started as a small family business. Nowadays they are known as a tableware industry leader with a global presence. ARC’s localised distribution (Arc Distribution Oceania) expanded from a single representative office in Sydney to a distribution unit in Melbourne in 2005. Today the Melbourne office employs 12 people.

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The Polyglot Group


Arques, France
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10,000 + Employees
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French Tableware

"Our HR policies & management style originate from our French HQ, which can be tricky sometimes due to cultural differences. The fact that Polyglot understands French HR policies is a huge advantage, since she is able to recruit the right people, with the right cultural fit." Nicolas More - VP South East Asia & Oceania


For over 16 years, The Polyglot Group has been ARC’s chosen partner in optimising business operation and facilitating international growth. Throughout the years, we have helped ARC to overcome a multitude of different business challenges.

ARC trusted Polyglot Group to be their long withstanding business partner and provider of holistic support. Whether it be helping with HR, Payroll or Recruitment; ARC needed The Polyglot Group to be available and helpful in the face of all challenges which came their way. Overall, ARC sought solutions which would provide peace of mind in undergoing international expansion.

Throughout the years, ARC has relied upon Polyglot Group in the face of a huge range of (often unexpected) challenges. Our support has ranged from allowing ARC to bridge cross-cultural issues, to handling temporary gaps in the managerial team.

ARC also needed help in implementing best practices for a range of business endeavours. We first met ARC when the company only had a representative office in Sydney. In helping ARC expand, one of our initial undertakings was assisting ARC to transform their Australian representative office into a subsidiary based in Melbourne, where business operation would be most prosperous for ARC. Setting up a whole new Australian subsidiary generated a huge range of requirements. In this situation, ARC relied upon The Polyglot Group to solve each and every one of these related issues. In addition, ARC’s cross-cultural presence meant they have required consistent and internationally adept solutions.


With international business expansion at the top of their agenda, ARC needed The Polyglot Group to take care of a number of versatile duties and responsibilities. We knew ARC’s needs were unlike any other business—they had unique circumstances and distinctive objectives. Accordingly, we customised a package known as our “grow” bundle. This holistic bundle meant that ARC could trust The Polyglot Group to solve any business problem which came their way.

True to the name, our “grow” bundle was ideal in helping ARC expand their Australian representative office into a Melbourne subsidiary. During this process of office relocation, ARC needed to expand their team. True to our commitment to ARC, we facilitated all aspects of this recruitment process.

Not only did we create job descriptions and source ideal candidates, but we also interviewed applicants, drafted employment contracts and created the conditions of employment. Our ongoing HR support meant we followed-up with employee inductions, and performance reviews. Of course, our payroll solutions also took care of all requirements such as the processing of wages, managing leave entitlements, as well as the payment of 3rd party lodgements.

Throughout the years, ARC has continuously made use of our solutions in HR, recruitment, payroll, and business solutions.  Our dedicated advisors have solved each and every challenge, and helped ARC to implement best practices for business optimisation and expansion. Our solutions have also guaranteed ARC of being compliant with Australia’s laws and legislation.

Our commitment saw us invest every effort to help ARC in the face of unexpected challenges, such as when they were in absence of a General Manager. In this challenging circumstance, our CEO, Corinne Bot, played a key role in ensuring ARC could continue to operate smoothly. Driven by her extraordinary passion to help other businesses, Corinne temporarily stepped in to fill the role of the General Manager. This was an exceptional effort to ensure ARC’s business could continue to thrive, even in the face of a challenge.  Equipped with her expertise and experience in cross-cultural business, Corinne also played a key role in providing ARC with an extensive talent pool to find the ideal fit for a permanent General Manager.


The Polyglot Group’s holistic solution meant that ARC could rest assured, knowing every requirement was taken care of. In the words of Nicolas More, “Polyglot is a one stop shop. They handle and offer everything we needed and wanted perfectly put together in one package.”

When unexpected challenges arose, ARC knew they could turn to The Polyglot Group for prompt and professional help. Moreover, our knowledge and speciality in cross-cultural business meant ARC could rely on our expertise in international expansion. This expertise proved to be ideal for overcoming a number of problems, including the fulfilment of ARC’s cross-cultural recruitment and HR needs. In the words of Nicolas More, ARC’s Vice President for East Asia & Oceania, “the fact that Corinne understands French HR policies is a huge advantage, since she is able to recruit the right people, with the right cultural fit.”

In taking advantage of our growth solution, ARC was able to overcome any miscellaneous problems which appeared in their path. These time-consuming burdens ranged from organising visas and immigration for international employees to arranging removalists for the office relocation – all of which were handled by The Polyglot Group.

One of the primary successes of our partnership was ensuring ARC was fully compliant with Australian law and legislation. This was very important to ARC, as the French company was largely new to the Australian business environment. In having this peace of mind, ARC was confident to go ahead with business endeavours such as establishing the Melbourne subsidiary and recruiting new team members.

Overall, ARC’s business endeavours were optimised through implementing our best practices across all solutions. In knowing they had our full support and expertise, ARC was equipped to grow and proper with confidence.

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