The Polyglot Group Comeca leads the European market in the field of low voltage systems integration, with a proven track record worldwide in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Processing Industries, Hospitals, Buildings and Tertiary Distribution.



Comeca is a French business that leads the European market in the field of low voltage systems integration, with a proven track record worldwide in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Processing Industries, Hospitals, Buildings and Tertiary Distribution. The company set up operations in Perth, Australia in May 2013.

The Polyglot Group


The Polyglot Group


Montpellier, France
The Polyglot Group

Company Size

1001-5000 employees
The Polyglot Group


Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
The Polyglot Group


LV and MV Switchgear, Automation and IMCS, Motor protection Relays, Distribution boards, Shelters, Power Electronics / Power conversion, Solutions for Embedded equipment, Electrical solutions for HVAC, Package offers.

"Polyglot Group came up with the most interesting proposal in terms of cost effectiveness. We are very satisfied with the way they handled our administrative work and would recommend them in a heartbeat." Nicolas Neuzillet - Australia’s MD for Comeca


In 2013, Comeca was searching for a reliable payroll and bookkeeping service provider who could take responsibility of all Payroll obligations. After being referred to The Polyglot Group via the FACCI (French Australian Chamber of Commerce), Managing Director Nicolas Neuzillet implemented our payroll outsourcing solution. As Comeca continued to grow and change, new needs became apparent. Comeca turned to us for help with these new challenges as well.

Comeca’s new operation in Perth, Australia generated HR requirements.  Namely, Comeca needed assistance with drafting employment contracts for new Australian-based employees and setting appropriate salaries.

One of Comeca’s other difficulties in establishing their Australian operation was overcoming visa issues. Confident in our cross-cultural expertise, we were Comeca’s go-to advisor for all immigration issues.

In facilitating their global expansion from France to Australia, Comeca also required the translation of many documents, including personal records, birth certificates, employment contracts and payslips. As a result, they sought our language solutions which provided them with the translation of a number of different French documents. As these documents were essential for business operation in Australia, the translation solution was often required urgently.


In response to Comeca’s initial needs, we first supplied them with our payroll outsourcing solution. This helped Comeca in two primary ways: it took care of all labour-intensive payroll requirements which would usually need to be completed independently. Secondly, it ensured that Comeca was compliant with Australian law and legislation—a benefit which was deeply appreciated by the French company who was unfamiliar with such Australia’s payroll requirements law.

As Comeca’s Australian operation created new demands, The Polyglot Group ensured our solutions were responsive to each and every new challenge. Our prompt and cognisant approach proved to be essential in the face of several challenges, including for Comeca’s language needs. When the company required urgent translation of essential documents, we responded swiftly and accurately to their needs. The rapid availability of these documents prevented further set-backs and delays for Comeca’s business endeavours.

Our prompt translation solution was also essential for transgressing immigration issues. Indeed, English versions of a document (such as a birth certificates) were often required for immigration purposes. Our help did not stop there. We provided specialised help in renewing and applying for visas.

When Comeca established the Australian operation, our expert HR manager and HR advisors solved all employment-related concerns. Using our expertise and industry research, we provided recommended salary benchmarks, and oversaw the negotiation of Australian-based employment contracts. This gave Comeca the confidence in knowing they were fully compliant in employing their Australian-based employees, and enhanced their employee’s trust in Comeca.


Our solutions continually developed and adapted to Comeca’s changing needs. This gave Comeca the confidence in knowing they could rely on The Polyglot Group for any issue that came their way.

Comeca knew their business interests were in the best hands, as helping businesses to grow globally is our specialty. Nicolas Neuzillet, Australia’s Managing Director for Comeca reported, “I found it very pleasant to work with a multiculturally aware team who has been on the ground for so long.”

Indeed, our own French roots meant we had first-hand experience and expertise in French-Australian business. This, in addition to our understanding of Comeca’s unique needs meant we offered tailored solutions which solved the business’ challenges.

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