The Polyglot Group Miro in Cube is a 4-day annual international hackathon to spark creativity and reinvent technology and strategy through innovation.


Miro in Cube

Université de Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD), or the University of Perpignan, is a French university located in Perpignan, France. The public multidisciplinary university has approximately 10,000 students, with campuses across France and Catalonia.

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About The Project

Organised by the Miro Programme, Miro in Cube is a 4-day annual hackathon to spark creativity and reinvent technology and strategy through innovation.

The 2019 and 2020 editions of Miro in Cube were launched together with the University of Perpignan, who led the event’s innovation contest. In 2019, the hackathon took place from 20-22 February, while in 2020, it took place 21-24 February. Both years, each event was carried out simultaneously across 3 different locations – Perpignan (France), Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), and Palma (Mallorca, Spain).

The three locations represent a network of incubators in the Euroregion: UPVD IN CUBE in Perpignan, the Parc Bit in Palma, and Peninsula Corporate Innovation in Barcelona.

The international final in 2019 was held during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona, a major digital communications conference in Europe. In 2020, the final was held at the Barcelona Tech City.

Participants were given 56 hours to create a startup focused on tourism flow management in 2019, and Artificial Intelligence and tourism in 2020.

“The level of adaptability of their services, their ability to listen and analyse our precise needs, and the quality of the interpreters and translators... It was an experience that we will, without a doubt, repeat again next year!”


The Miro in Cube operation involved a competition and numerous workshops delivered across three cities in two different countries – across geographical and cultural divides.

This meant the audience, and, therefore, content, was multilingual. Indeed, all communications had to be delivered in three different languages – Spanish, Catalan, and French – everything simultaneously and internationally.

Furthermore, the content of these workshops included images to be transmitted in real-time and highly technical language specific to innovation and technology.


Polyglot Group took care of the sourcing and dispatching of qualified translators via one of our trusted partners. We also set up an online streaming platform to connect the three cities. This software enabled the organisers to share all the images captured from each incubator, as well as the audio provided by the hired translators.

The local Miro in Cube Barcelona event coordinator marvelled at it all, saying, “it was like watching a perfectly translated foreign film”.

Between the streaming platform and the coordination of all the technicians sent to each city, the visuals and the audio were synchronised. This made for an experience that was so fluid, seamless and natural that, in some moments, the organisers and participants completely forgot that it was a simultaneous translation; all live and in real-time.

The organisers were also thrilled to have one point of contact for the translators, equipment, and platforms used at the event.


The organisation of the intercity and international hackathon, Miro in Cube, proved a huge success for two years in a row. What presented an enormous cultural, technical, and financial challenge was easily overcome with our tailored solution and end-to-end service.

Polyglot Group was equipped to provide a service that perfectly suited the client’s very specific needs for the project. For us, it was not only about their technical and financial requirements – their quality standards were equally important.

For the University of Perpignan and Programme Miro, this is a completely innovative and revolutionary experience. They are now able to coordinate a multilingual and international event – all simultaneously, across all that distance! The unthinkable became the successful.

We will continue to collaborate on this key event in years to come.

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