The Polyglot Group R. Stahl is the leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection distribution business in Australia.



With subsidiaries in 20 countries, R.STAHL is the leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection. The company operates in the oil & gas industries, the chemical & pharmaceutical sector as well as the food industry, shipbuilding sector and the biofuel industry.

The company’s headquarters are located in Waldenburg, a town in the south of Germany. Their headquarters for Asia-Pacific-Middle-East are based in Malaysia.


They started their distribution business in Australia back in the 1970s. In 2012, R.STAHL established its own subsidiary, based in Wollongong.

The Polyglot Group


The Polyglot Group


Waldenburg, Germany
The Polyglot Group

Company Size

1001-5000 employees
The Polyglot Group


Electronic Manufacturing
The Polyglot Group


ATEX IECEx Design, Fabrication, Certification of Electrical Systems, Explosion Proof Equipment, Intrinsically Safe Barriers, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO

"Polyglot’s staff are extraordinarily friendly and competent. They understand the needs of their clients and work efficiently and always deliver on time. Polyglot is ‘wunderbar’. John McKillop - Outgoing Managing Director


Stahl first turned to the Polyglot Group when the new Australian operation was solely distribution-based. During this time, R. Stahl sought the recruitment of a country manager to oversee the distribution business in Australia. In recruiting this country development manager, R. Stahl needed help in drafting and negotiating the employment contract. As the Australian operation was not yet a subsidiary, R. Stahl also needed a solution which would permit the hiring of a country manager in compliance with Australian law and legislation.

After this initial partnership, the Australian operation flourished and grew, until it was a subsidiary employing 15 people. At this point, R. Stahl could not afford to spend time performing their own in-house payroll duties, and as such, looked to outsource their entire payroll function to the Polyglot Group. This was essential for R. Stahl, as it ensured compliance with the Australian payroll requirements and took care of their expense management.

In continuing to expand their prosperous Australian subsidiary R. Stahl needed to extend the team. As such, they required a holistic recruitment solution to source ideal candidates for a number of roles, including for a Managing Director, National Automation Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

With the headquarters located in Waldenburg, Germany, R. Stahl’s partner needed to have cross-cultural knowledge in both German and Australian business environments.

Overall, R. Stahl looked for a partner who would truly understand what they do, and, as such, provide practical solutions to assist them in their journey.

The Polyglot Group


When we were approached by R. Stahl, we knew we would be the perfect cross-cultural partner for their needs. Our General Manager for Energy and Infrastructure specialises in German clients (amongst others), making him an expert in helping German businesses with their Australian operations.

Equipped with this knowledge of both German and Australian business, we provided expert advice and practical solutions for R. Stahl’s various needs.

When it came to recruiting the new Country Manager for the Australian operation, our General Manager for Energy and Infrastructure used his cross-cultural network to recruit a German candidate who was ideal for the role. The suitability of each candidate ensured R. Stahl’s Australian subsidiary flourished and grew alongside the business’s vision.

Our payroll outsourcing service provided a holistic solution for R. Stahl’s payroll needs. With this in place, R. Stahl had the confidence in knowing their payroll responsibilities were being met. In addition, R. Stahl could focus on their business endeavours at hand, rather than spending time on expense management.


Our understanding of R. Stahl’s vision, and our expertise in Australian-German business was ideal for R. Stahl’s Australian expansion. We addressed each issue with timely professionalism, and a friendly “can-do” approach. With our solutions in place, John McKillop was happy to report “Thanks to Polyglot’s great work, R. Stahl can look towards the future very positively!”. As the Australian operation grew and changed, so did the solutions we provided for R. Stahl. Our relevant and timely support meant R. Stahl could rely on our knowledge and ideal solutions, no matter the complication.

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