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Tailor made HR management services in Spain.

People are the heart of any business, regardless
of their size or industry.

But managing your employees through a solid and compliant Human Resources function can be complicated. We’re here to simplify.

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Why Outsource Your HR?

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Enhance Productivity

We sweat the details.
Polyglot Group takes care of your HR so that you may concentrate on your core competencies as a business.

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Access To Experts

We provide the right advice.
Our HR Advisors are dedicated to you and your business to provide tailor made solutions for your business.

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Reduce Risk

We have you covered.
We stay on top of workplace regulations for you so as to ensure your business remains safe.

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Aid Growth

Let us help you grow better.
By allocating experts to strategically manage your talents, your business can grow quicker & better.

Human Resources are exactly that –
a reminder to us that humans are resources,
and this asset is one we must value.

All your HR needs. One great partner.


Polyglot Group provides a range of HR services to support both local and
global HR teams
and managers in time of growth & expansion.

With local understanding of HR practices and compliance requirements, we provide
tailored and comprehensive solutions to fit your specific requirements.

Benefit from our services on an ad-hoc basis or as an ongoing HR support plan.

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Success Story: Enphase Energy

Enphase Energy is the world’s leading provider of solar micro inverters, energy management & storage systems. They pursue unique, high-tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems.

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Success Story: Pierre Fabre

Founded and headquartered in the Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées region in southern France, the company is the 2nd largest dermo-cosmetics laboratory in the world, with branches in 43 locations and distribution agreements in over 130 countries.

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Success Story: ARC International

Arc International is a French manufacturer and distributor of household goods. Founded in 1825 and starting out as a small family business, the company is now a global tableware industry leader, producing and distributing on every continent.

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