For the past 30 years, Barcelona Activa has promoted the economic development of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.


On Thursday, November 24, we proudly partnered up with Barcelona Activa to animate a workshop. The purpose? To help Dutch companies make Barcelona their next investment destination.

This cross-landing program outlined the fundamental steps in facilitating the expansion. After all, taking the first steps is often the most challenging aspect of initiating international growth.

The event kicked off with a summary about Barcelona’s attractiveness for international innovation investment. Then, it was time to explore the potential businesses challenges, and ways to navigate them when expanding from overseas.

To illustrate the necessary steps, we elaborated upon our own business structure and internal processes. From here, the HR workshop encouraged startup founders to consider which types of workflows would be appropriate for their business structure and market.

This discussion brought some key essentials to light, such as implementing constant training and development, adopting an agile business structure, and providing the team with empowering leadership.

Here at The Polyglot Group, we are privileged to have over 20 years of experience in partnering with businesses and facilitating their expansion. As such, we are dedicated to sharing this resulting knowledge with those who and considering the next stepping stone in their business’ growth.

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