As a proud supporter of cross-cultural training and development, the Polyglot Group’s CEO, Corinne Bot accepted a special request from China Eastern Airlines.


The airline’s Legal Department invited Corinne to share her knowledge in global management with their team. To deliver the training, Corinne and our Chinese Desk Consultant, Kitty Chen headed to the China Eastern Airlines HQ in Shanghai.

Taking place on May 3rd,  the training explored how to implement a successful global HR strategy. With a presence in Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy and the US, there’s little wonder why this topic is of the uttermost importance to China Eastern Airlines.

About 30 attendees from the airline’s departments attended, including senior and middle managers.

Using her own wealth of knowledge and experience, Corinne investigated common issues encountered when expanding globally. By discussing how to overcome such issues, Corinne provided helpful advice for preventing and overcoming cross-cultural barriers.

During her talk, Corinne carefully explored the similarities and differences embedded in Anglo-Saxon and Latin culture. As such, Corinne gave an intercultural analysis of successful recruitment processes, employment termination, types of contracts, employee benefits, as well as performance management.

During the training, attendees were presented with the opportunity to have their HR questions answered. In answering these queries, Corinne provided practical advice on how to solve everyday HR problems, drawing on real examples which she had encountered.

The Polyglot family believes knowledge-sharing and collective brainstorming are crucial elements to uncovering and fostering superior business management. As such, we view such training practices to be a good way to share our knowledge with others for a better future.

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