On Wednesday 13 March, we celebrated with our beloved Melbourne clients in (unique) style. For an experience out of the ordinary, we turned off the lights and switched on our senses at Dans le Noir ? at the Rydges on Swanston.


Dans le Noir” is French for “In the Dark” – and that is exactly how it all took place.


Dans le What?

The Dans le Noir ? project was born in Paris in 2003, led by French social entrepreneur Edouard de Broglie. Inspired by various blind foundations across Europe to spread awareness about disability, he decided to organise dinners in the dark. The concept was originally developed in 1997 by esteemed French creative Michel Reilhac, together with Association Paul Guinot, a major French foundation for the blind.

The innovative restaurant chain has since expanded across the world, with permanent restaurants in London, Barcelona, St Petersburg, Madrid, Casablanca, and Auckland.


Sensing, Not Seeing

Dans le Noir ? delivers a unique, powerful and distinctive experience. Its purpose is three-fold, offering a sensory journey, social conviviality and human exchange. The darkness heightens each emotion, sensation, and interaction, creating an intimate environment to convey an impactful message.

At Dans le Noir ?, the entire meal is enjoyed in the dark. Guests are served by visually impaired waitstaff, who also act as ‘personal guides’ throughout the experience.

Guests cannot make assumptions at first sight when they cannot see. Thus, everything from food to conversation is full of spontaneity and free of vanity.


Perception is Everything

At Polyglot Group, social responsibility and diversity are very close to our hearts.  Being able to give back is an honour. Thus, partnering with Dans le Noir ? presented the perfect opportunity to do good, give back, and bring people together. Involving our valued clients in this meaningful experience allowed us to share this joy even more.

In business and in life, we are forever fascinated by doing things differently.

This one-of-a-kind experience is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.

It invites guests to challenge the way we view the world and each other.

It inspires guests to value the simple pleasures and focus on what we all share – human connection, great conversation, and delicious food and drink.

We were thrilled to have a never-before-seen turn-out, with every one of our registered clients in attendance.

This proved such a unique and immersive opportunity for us and our cherished clients.

Get a glimpse of it all with photos from the evening here.


Here’s to many more sensational experiences with clients old and new!

About the Author:

Monica is a self-confessed grammar nerd and passionate advocate of diversity, equality, and cultural heritage. Communication is her trade and words and languages are her best tools, allowing her to bring creative flair to any kind of content that she creates.