Amongst all of the companies recommended on French business directory and review website Trustfolio (formerly PrestaShare), Polyglot Group is a highly reputable reference for international business setup and expansion. More than 20 of our loyal clients, including UluleDanoneEarly Metrics, and Pocket Confident AI recommend us on the Trustfolio website.


The following is an interview we did with Trustfolio COO & co-founder Edgar Roussille, originally written and published in French.


Could you present Polyglot Group in a few words?


Originally based in Sydney, Australia, Polyglot Group is a global partner to businesses of all sizes and industries, helping them grow simply and sustainably around the world.

For over 20 years, we’ve offered our clients an array of ‘a-la-carte’ services, all personalised to their specific needs. These include:


With a presence across over 9 time zones and a network of partners around the world, we are a trusted growth partner to all businesses wanting to develop and optimise their operations sustainably.


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Who is behind Polyglot Group?


Behind the scenes at Polyglot Group, you’ll find our founder and CEO Corinne Bot. A Corporate Psychology and Human Resources graduate, Corinne created Polyglot Group over 20 years ago. The company was born out of her desire to build her career and set her own rules as a working mother.

Initially, Polyglot Group specialised in multilingual talent acquisition, specifically bilingual French-English speakers. With Corinne’s passion for entrepreneurship, growth, and giving her clients exactly the support they needed and more, it wasn’t long before the company expanded its horizons overseas.

Corinne is a strong believer in diversity and the need for leaders to be involved in the broader community. Corinne herself is a long-time member of the CCEF, and continues to devote much time to the international community.

Commended for her unwavering commitment to French-Australian relations, Corinne was awarded the Legion of Honour by the French Government in 2016. She was also named Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2010, recognised for her courage, leadership, and creativity.


What is your specialty? Do you have a particular field of expertise?


Once upon a time, Polyglot Group focused primarily on recruitment. Today, we’re proud to offer a smorgasbord of diverse yet highly tailored and specialised services. With 5 key service areas, we remain agile and targeted towards our clients, adapting to their specific needs to support them however they may require.

Additionally, we do not discriminate in any way when it comes to our clients! Whether you’re an up-and-coming start-up or a multinational, we partner with you to help you grow however and wherever you see fit.

Simplifying our clients’ growth journey is at the core of our business. We do this by offering them one simple point of contact on all fronts. Our clients know us as the ‘one-stop shop’ for their growth and expansion needs.


Could you describe your ideal client or project?


The ideal client for us is a company that, first and foremost, shares our values; a company that puts the human at the centre of their decisions and concerns. A company who believes in people will see it more as a partnership than a simple exchange of services, which is how we like to see things, too. This vision and focus on collaboration have always been essential for the relationship with each of our clients.

Given our mission to accompany businesses on their (local or global) growth journey, the desire for and focus on expansion is integral. It is for this reason, in fact, that sharing the same values here is always key.

As mentioned above, at Polyglot Group, we engage in long-term partnerships. This requires commitment, attention, and patience, as with any sustainable relationship. Given that this is what we maintain with our employees, partners, and clients, it is essential that they all demonstrate this and understand that the only way to expand sustainably is to support and invest in their employees’ wellbeing. In other words, we must make people our number 1 priority.


Your clients clearly appreciate your approach, as we can see from their positive reviews on Trustfolio. What’s your secret to keeping your clients happy?


For us, the client is at the heart of everything we do. Because each client is different, we take the time to have a clear understanding of the project to then customise our solution(s) accordingly. Our professional expertise built over more than 20 years, as well as our local knowledge across the globe, really serve to reinforce our credibility and mission.

Also important to us is treating everyone we work with as equals. The human element is very important to Polyglot Group and it is reflected in our relationships that we have built and nurtured over the years.


What does it mean to you to get positive feedback from your clients?


Being recommended by our valued clients is extremely meaningful to us. We do our very best to respond and cater to the concerns and needs of our clients. Getting their perspective on the service and experience we provide them is essential for this.

Knowing that a client has recommended us is humbling and confirms the fact that we are trusted in the field. This gives us ever more energy and motivation to continue growing and evolving with time.

Global expansion is becoming increasingly more common for businesses of all sizes. It is no longer a luxury reserved for the largest and most well-funded enterprises in the global market. Many successful startups and scale-ups, such as our valued client Onepark, have seen this first-hand with us.


So, when it comes to international expansion for your business…who’re you going to call?

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