In case you’re not yet in the loop, our very own FABWA stands for French-Australian Business Women’s Association.


This association provides a space of support for international businesswomen with cross-cultural endeavours.

This quarter’s event, called “Is Your Job Killing You?” explored “How to Find Happiness in the Workplace”. We had the honour of hearing from the Founder of Happiness Concierge, Rachel Service. With her passion and vitality, she provided inspiring tactics to manage stress at work. Rachel’s talk was not only educational but also very entertaining.

Taking place at Hall & Wilcox office in Collins Street, Melbourne, the audience was comprised of men and women from a range of cultural backgrounds. It was fantastic to see both genders come together to support women in business and focus on professional development.

During her talk, Rachel recounted her own experience as a teenager and young professional woman entering the workforce. As a result, Rachel provided wonderful tips and insights into navigating through such experiences and paving a fulfilling journey.


One of her major focus was on the ‘traffic light system’. This system is a psychological tool for managing mindset and behaviour across the ABC model, whereby:

A = the Antecedent – the environment which predates the behaviour

B = the Behaviour  – the form of the action, such as effective, neutral or negative behaviour

C = the Consequence – what results from the behaviour.

According to Rachel, a person needs to identify what feelings and behaviours they are experiencing in the following three ‘zones’:

Green = The best version of yourself, characterised by a feeling of contentment

Yellow = An unsettled state of mind and behaviour

Red = Feeling stressed and ‘out of control’.

Once an individual has identified their ‘zone’, they can then begin to manage these emotions. In developing the ability to recognise our state of mind, we can manage our emotions and actions in a more Emotionally Intelligent way.

“Managing yourself is the best way to make the biggest impact,” said Rachel. “Give your boss, colleagues, friends and loved ones the gift of managing your feelings so you can continue to kick ass in work and in life!”

Thank you to everyone following our invitation, and special thanks to our principal sponsor Hall & Wilcox for hosting this event.

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