Last week, Polyglot was lucky enough to have our HR Guru, Melanie, attend the HR Leaders Forum in Sydney.


There to hear about some of the challenges facing organisations in Australia and around the globe, she was able to learn more about what we can offer our clients and what we can implement in our own business model to create balance and happiness at work.


We are seeing a fundamental transformation in the way we work. With the labour force undergoing dramatic changes, human resources is presented with an opportunity to lead business strategy. The HR Leaders Forum brings together the most inventive and influential leaders in HR from all sectors of the international economy to discuss the latest insights and debate the future of this dynamic business function. It gives us the opportunity to take a fresh look at corporate HR and to join together to debate tomorrow’s pressing HR issues – and solve them today.

The HR Leaders Forum is Australia’s premier annual human resources conference. The ultimate knowledge exchange and networking platform for HR leaders in Australia. The HR Leaders Forum is an event like no other, a unique opportunity, congregating only the most senior board-level HR executives from all sectors of the national economy. HR practice being a big part of our business here at Polyglot, we believe it to be extremely important to always raise the bar and to meet and learn from our peers.

As organisations are increasingly looking to HR to innovate and energise their institutions there is a greater demand for effective leadership and transformative strategy. The HR Leaders Forum brings together the most inventive and influential leaders in HR to provide strategic perspectives and unparalleled insights into the latest human capital and leadership management practices.

The ultimate knowledge exchange for HR executives looking to make a real business impact, this forum combines the latest thinking, best practice insights and strategic vision to drive our competitive advantage and market leadership.

Mathew Bowen, a Psychologist who partners with Organisations to Create a Better Workplace had this to say about his experience and we couldn’t agree more!

“There was an acknowledgement that the nature of work in Western countries is changing, and that the next generation, the millennials, are going to be doing roles that don’t even exist at the moment. So it was great to hear a discussion around the changes happening in school curriculum to suit the future of work. The problem is, the changes in the work environment are already here and gathering momentum, and as a business community, waiting for the next batch of school leavers is probably not an option.

So what are the changes going on in education? Well it seems there is a movement to (some would say back to) educating people how to learn, rather than simply teaching content. There is a shift toward developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and the ability to collaborate, connect and contribute. And importantly there is a shift toward teaching children the cognitive and problem solving skills they will need to deal with new and amazing challenges that evolve as the world around them changes.

I have a question…which business wouldn’t want these skills in their business right now? As I consider the work I do, and the companies I have worked with, it is these capabilities that are scarce, in demand and desperately needed for companies to compete and succeed. So as we get into the budget planning time for many companies, my suggestion is to take a look at your training budget, and consider what level of investment you are making toward these ‘skills of the future’.

Are you developing skills in your people to be resilient in the face of change, and more than that, are you equipping them to use the marvelous machine in their heads to solve problems, to collaborate and to bring the best of themselves into the work they do each day.”

HR Leader Forum Attendees Melanie with Shaun Ruming, the Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s Australia

Melanie with Shaun Ruming, the Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s Australia


About the Author:

Manon is Polyglot Group's Global Head of Marketing. Referred to a marketing "chameleon", Manon's superpower comes from her ability to jump from one project & specialty to another with ease. Not only is Manon deeply passionate about her work, she is also a diversity, empathy & equality advocate.