As we know, so much can be said about the solar industry. And across 3 days and with over 50,000 visitors, Intersolar Europe 2019 in Munich covered a lot of ground!


The Conference


Key energy professionals came from all over to explore the hottest topics in the solar energy space right now. Among these were our very own experts:

This year, ‘Solar’ included everything from Photovoltaics (PV), Solar Thermal Technologies, and Solar Power Plants. Some 1500 exhibitors were on display.

This made for a practical and comprehensive overview of this renewable resource and its sheer potential.

Intersolar 2019 was truly a conference for all in the energy ecosystem.

We met with installers and integrators, project developers & EPC contractors. Not to mention manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, energy consultants, utilities, investors and analysts, architects and energy planners, government officials, and other key decision-makers.


Intersolar Diagram

Classic energy professional: This speaker was just buzzing with ideas and optimism!


But, what did Intersolar teach us?


The Current Climate


Solar is lighting up the world stage for sustainable power generation.

The solar industry broke a monumental record in 2018, with 100GW installed in that year alone. In the same year, solar technologies also had the largest capacity additions globally.

That’s more than twice as high as net additions for coal, for wind, and more than for all fossil fuels and nuclear combined!

But, it’s not just about power generation. Energy storage and use are equally key. As it stands, solar’s global power output is just 2%. We can do better, and we’re committed to being part of the renewable transition.

Emphasising the importance of energy storage, the conference covered Energy Storage Technologies & Systems, Battery Production Technologies, Traction Batteries, and Charging Infrastructure.

Anyone in the Energy industry will know that efficiency is absolutely vital for success. And Intersolar certainly did not overlook this detail.

Energy use was a big topic for discussion, including Electric Mobility, Efficient Energy Use & Management, and Energy Services.

Indeed, intelligent energy use is a must. What good is an abundance of energy resources and reserves if we can’t use it?



One can dream: as fans of a great beer, one example of energy use was to power breweries with solar. Cheers!



So, who can do what for solar moving forward?

Well, reports point to a small handful of powerhouses who should continue to lead the market.

In 2018, China was responsible for 43% of the global demand in solar energy. The US, China, and India combined made up for 61% of global demand.

Here, we see Solarpower Europe’s top 20 global market predictions over the next 5 years:


Solarpower Europe Report


That being said, other players beyond the top 3 are making a difference. Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany, for example, are some that we have witnessed first-hand.

Thus, the outlook is positive, and the scale is vast – but global and national targets will need to be met.

Our global experts, clients, partners, and talents will continue to provide key services across five countries and counting – from Australia and New Zealand to the United States, South Africa, and Spain.


More is sure to come. What awaits us next year? We’ll find out at Intersolar 2020 from 17-19 June in Munich!

Catch this year’s highlights here:

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