It has been quite a year for the discussion and development of renewable energy around the world.


And my team and I at Polyglot Group are thrilled to have been a part of it.

When we aren’t sourcing and placing top talent for growing businesses in the Energy and Infrastructure space, you’ll find us participating in key events on renewable energy.

These conferences, exhibitions, workshops and trade shows are ideal for learning about new and upcoming developments in technology, engaging in strategic planning for the future, and fostering both existing and potential connections in the industry.

Of the numerous energy events we attended in 2018, the largest in scale were:


Between these three events, there was plenty of food for thought to go around. But to sum it all up, the primary lessons were these:

1. Globally, we’re seeing a major convergence between solar power and storage.

Why? Well, storage is no longer limited to batteries. Solar technologies are now being discussed more and more in relation to energy storage. Talk of solar power has many buzzing about the potential of this alternative energy source – not to mention other sources coming into play, such as green hydrogen.


2. With renewed optimism in the industry, things are looking up.

Who doesn’t love good news? As it turns out, it now matters less and less what federal governments do or don’t do regarding sustainable energy. Moving away from this reliance could mean big things for the space.

Even state governments such as California in the US, or Victoria in Australia, are becoming more involved. That’s not to mention, of course, private organisations and investors who are devoted to furthering projects and technologies. Eventually, we may reach a point where no government intervention is required at all – as long as governments do not place impediments or penalties (out of vested interest) to slow this development.


3. Networking with others and making the most of these events is crucial.

In an industry where technology, discourse and legislation change every day, having your finger on the pulse is key. And it’s not just a matter of staying up-to-date – for us, having the opportunity to communicate with our clients, meet with innovators in the space, and talk all things sustainability is immeasurably rewarding.

Across the three events, it was clear that there is so much more happening today. The amount of equipment and manufacturers being brought out through private investment has increased.  More people are being employed in the sector. Exhibitors at these trade shows are growing and diversifying. Dialogue is really opening up and garnering attention.


4. Partnering with those with the right expertise, experience and presence could make all the difference.

Polyglot Group is proud to be a global partner for growing businesses in the sustainable energy and infrastructure industries. Being located across four continents and six countries, and speaking over 28 languages, we communicate across international borders and time zones. Talent Acquisition is what we do and love doing. It’s all about making the most of the (arguably) most abundant natural resource there is – people.


Enjoyed this piece by Jan? There’s more where this came from. Stay tuned as we attend two major conferences on African renewable technologies in Lisbon and Cape Town throughout June 2019.


About the Author:

Jan is Polyglot Group's Global Head of Energy & Infrastructure. Jan’s aim is to continue making the world more aware of climate change & the importance of utilising renewable energy for a better tomorrow.
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