Energy Storage North America’s Solar + Storage Summit is a one-day, hands-on dive into market opportunities for solar and storage in California.


The event is a “little sister” to the regional California Solar Power Expo (CSPE).

The event kicked off on March 27, at the San Diego Convention Center. As big supporters of optimizing solar through constant storage, we were honored to be a major sponsor for the summit. Of course, our Global Head of Renewable Energy and Infrastructure, Jan Reiche, attended the event and examined the ways in which the US is bettering the industry.


What Can We Learn From the US?

It’s no secret: North America is taking massive strides when it comes to Solar Energy and Storage. California and several other states in the US have established an energy procurement target of achieving 50% renewable energy, as well as energy storage targets. In fact, all new residential systems in California have 20% of battery attachment (driven by the desire to have backup power during consistent blackouts).

California is also driving further integration of non-pumped hydro-storage. To date, it has generated 1.3GWh on the distribution and network side, as well as integrated solar storage behind the meter on the customer side.

The US is also leading the way when it comes to increasing the access to renewable energy and incentivizing renewable programs throughout diverse communities. Major electricity player, Southern California Edison, has driven new programs driven to benefit owners and residents of low-income and multi-family buildings.


ESNA Paves the Way

ESNA’s regional summit drew over one thousand attendees, plus over one hundred high-level attendees for the storage conference. These attendees included Commissioner Carla J. Peterman (the Commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission) as well as Logan Goldie-Scot (Head of Energy Storage Analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance) and Chelle Izzi (Executive Director Distributed Energy Resources, NextEra Energy Resources).
The keynote speakers delved into the latest ways that solar and storage continue to progress. The summit illuminated the way to a stable implementation of the most innovative renewable energy solutions.

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