Did you know, about 140 Austrian subsidiaries operate in Australia and New Zealand? And yet, common questions and challenges still remain.


The Austria Connect Conference is an international forum to enable the exchange of ideas and expertise between Austrian subsidiaries in Australia. In doing so, the conference helps Austrian subsidiaries understand the Australian market and set-up with confidence.

When it comes to helping businesses to grow globally, we love putting our hand up and sharing our knowledge wherever possible.

As such, we were proud to be a gold sponsor for the 2018 Austria Connect, which took place in Sydney over the 22nd and 23rd of March.

Organised by Advantage Austria, this two-day conference addressed the common questions, challenges, and interests of Austrian businesses Down Under. Topics ranged from Australia’s current market trends, to Free Tade Agreements, and even tax regulations.

Not only were we a Gold Sponsor for the event, but we also spoke on the topical panel. Our Global Head of Renewable Energy and Infrastructure, Jan Rieche, addressed Austria’s “Quest for Talent” when they expand Down Under.

Here’s a little of what he had to say.


Australia’s Current Job Market Trends

When observing Australia’s most prominent employment trends, Jan reflected on the local employment rate.

This rate has been increasing steadily, and is projected to reach a total employment increase of 7.8% by 2020.


Australia’s Working Age Population


In terms of sector-by-sector growth, there is a shift toward the services industry. Health Care and Social Assistance is a sector which is predicted to receive some of the greatest growth. In fact, it is predicted to reach a 25% increase by over the next 5 years.

With this in mind, Australia is clearly a safe and prosperous market, which is not showing any signs of slowing down.


Attracting Talent

When setting up their business in Australia, Austrian businesses are sure to encounter the challenge of attracting talent and relevant candidates.

To illustrate ways of overcoming this challenge, Jan drew on an example. Australia’s Renewable Energy Target and the 2020 deadline is placing huge demands on the local Renewable Energy industry. As such, skilled talent is in high demand, and is harder to source than ever.

Using this as an example, Jan delivered the following key advice.


Be Well Prepared

Providing candidates with a positive experience is crucial when it comes to attracting talent. It is also a way to enhance your employer branding in a practical and impact way. It’s therefore important to communicate professionalism through aspects such as clearly defined job descriptions, and a well-communicated strategy for the business.

The importance of clear communication also extends to salary expectations, as well as both short and long term incentives. Demonstrating transparency in this regard is a great way to stand out against other employers.


Jan Rieche speaking at Austria Connect


The World Is Your Oyster

The Austria Connect Conference is an incredible initiative helping Austrian businesses to be equipped with the knowledge to expand to Australia. As huge supporters in the value of these events, we were honoured to be able to share a little of our knowledge with the community, and look forward to continuing to do so.

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