Furthering our string of exciting news this year, Polyglot Group is thrilled to announce that we have expanded our popular Employer of Record services to Papua New Guinea (after Australia and New Zealand)!


Having supported multinational clients with our comprehensive Payroll & HR Outsourcing services across the Asia-Pacific region for many years now, we’re thrilled to help you grow into PNG as well!


Our EOR solution means:

– We can set you up in PNG in record time with minimal fuss

– Hire staff on your behalf AND manage their payroll and admin needs for you

– And, importantly, you do not carry legal or financial risks and expenses (i.e. no local legal entity required, no accounting, no admin, no bank account, no insurance policies, etc.)


Still relatively unknown to many growing businesses, EOR (also known as PEO or GEO) is a game-changer for global expansion. But, what is it exactly?


What is Employer of Record (EOR)?


As the name suggests, Employer of Record essentially means a local employment outsourcing partner takes care of your local employment needs for you. This includes:

Taking care of your hiring process (sourcing and securing local talent)

– Taking care of all local administrative compliance on your behalf, including employment contract

Taking care of your local compliant payroll for your staff


You still handle your staff’s day-to-day management, but your authorised partner takes care of the rest.

EOR is a fully compliant solution, as Polyglot Group holds all the necessary authorisations and licences required by the government.

Not convinced? Check out some of our clients who now know that working with an expert local partner means ensured compliance – and peace of mind.


Hadn’t thought about setting up your business in Papua New Guinea before? Here’s why you should!


Why do business in Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is a key player in Oceania, and is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, lending it huge economic and business potential that is still to be realised. If you’re looking to benefit from such a market, now is the time.

In terms of Ease of Doing Business, starting a business in PNG scores an impressive 80.1, and the country ranks especially highly for Getting Credit (#48 in the world).


Of course, entering a new market means navigating new sets of laws, procedures, and customs. Thankfully, EOR makes global expansion and employment easy. So, if you’re curious about reaping the benefits of the ever-growing PNG market, get in touch with our expert Gerald Bot.

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