The POLY x TALKS are all about spreading & sharing both our knowledge and our ideas.

Inspired by the world-renowned, boundary-pushing TED talks, POLY x TALKS brings together professionals from all fields to discuss and share on topics within industries ranging from IT, Renewable Energy & Pharmaceutical as well as on more vast subjects such as HR Issues & how to overcome them.

We are creating a place where people from different walks of life can share and gain from the creation of a community, even for just one evening.

This month, we had the honour of launching our discussion with key speaker Kathy Zhang, General Manager of China Eastern Airlines –  Oceania region. We explored the topic of ‘enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises’.

Using her own experience, Kathy enlightened the group with her knowledge in establishing a safe and compliant HR department which operates in accordance with Australian Law. As part of this subject, Kathy bought attention to Polyglot’s helpful assistance when establishing these sound HR practices. Kathy expanded upon the subject by alluding to the airline’s experience in dealing with law suits under the Australian Labour Act.

Following this insightful talk, Chinese enterprises in Australia also shared their opinions and questions, making the afternoon one of thought-provoking discussion and the sharing of ideas.

A big thank you to our Chinese Desk consultant Kitty Chen, who hosted and initiated this month’s discussion and theme! Keen on the subject and looking to get in touch? Do not hesitate to connect with Kitty on LinkedIn.

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