Last night, Polyglot Group came together to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with Partners, Clients and Friends. Set at our Sydney Headquarters down in the Courtyard, guests were welcomed by the gorgeous melody of a saxophone coupled with the sweet sounds of a Bass & a Guitar.

Performed by the Jazz Collective, the music paired well with a glass of bubbly enjoyed under fairy lights. Through the night guests also had the chance to test their taste buds on an amazing set of canapes from Art Kitchen, before being served a traditional Croquembouche for dessert.

Not all could make it to last night’s festivities, yet we felt the love and support that comes from the community we have created all the same. All in all, Polyglot is very proud to have reached this milestone and we look forward to the next 20 years to come.

During the course of the evening, Corinne Bot, Polyglot’s CEO, took a moment to say a few words on Polyglot’s journey and what it means to her. You can find her speech below.

“Dear Colleagues, Clients, Partners, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I extend a warm word of welcome to you all who have made it out to celebrate our 20th anniversary celebration. Anniversaries are opportunities for recollections of the years gone by and positive reflections for the years ahead.

These past 20 years have been happy and successful years in so many ways. It has been defined by a kaleidoscope of memories, supportive Partnership & friendships and enduring relationships. Of course there have also been some paths that may have been slightly more difficult to travel through. Yet in spite and despite the odd stumbling blocks along the way – we have travelled together, supportive of each other, encouraging and enduring.

Twenty years is both a long time and a very short time. I did not see it pass… 20 years makes up two decades, six Olympic Games, & 8 prime ministers…

Some 2 decades ago I signed the papers that made it official: I had founded a company. The key was to make a conscious choice, to get fully involved and then do it and make it work. I was extremely fortunate to be unconditionally supported by my better half and my children.

I have never looked back to question my choices. I have, however, looked back every now and again to better understand why I decided to do what I did and because I know that remembering where I came from renews my resolve to stay on course and keep on going.

Almost everyone in the audience tonight came to work with Polyglot at some point over the past twenty years, and has stayed faithfully by our side ever since. Together, we have made Polyglot what it is today: a success. Together, we have made sure that we can gather here today and celebrate this milestone.

Compared to a giant consulting firm, our company is just out of its adolescence. On the other hand, 20 years in a service sector that is constantly and rapidly changing is an achievement we can be proud of. It means we have managed to establish ourselves in this sector. We’ve claimed our rightful place here.

I wish to pay a very special tribute to a great man, who should have been our guest of honour today, shouldn’t we tragically had lost him last year, Pierre Alla, Polyglot’s very first Client. From the very beginning of my entrepreneurial adventure in the early 90s, until October last year, Pierre had become my intellectual father & my mentor. A mentor is someone who takes your hand, guides and advises you and this with no personal agenda. For this very special gift, his long lasting support, friendship and trust in me, I thank you Pierre from the bottom of my heart. I know you would be enormously proud to celebrate what Polyglot has become, our success is also yours, and I am missing you greatly tonight.

From a one woman show operating from home, together we have built a global company, employing now more than 70 staff and counting, and continuing to grow internationally.

Achieving great things and success is not something you do on your own. This is an ongoing TEAM exercise, process and performance, driven by passion and hard work. So keeping this in mind, I would like to make a special mention of our truly GREAT POLYGLOT TEAM.

Each of you Polyglotters is a talented individual. You are all passionate about your job and about the success of Polyglot. You guys bring me pride and I wish to deeply thank you for your commitment, your trust, your hard work and support.

To my steering committee as well. In no particular order I would like to thank Damien, Nicolas, Vanessa, Gerald, Benoit, Jan, Manon & Jacques for being pillars of strength and for accompanying me in the decision making at Polyglot. Your dedication never waivers and we are lucky to have you.

A special thank you to Jacques Reynaud who has travelled from Barcelona to celebrate with us tonight. Jacques started his Polyglot Adventure nearly 10 years ago in Australia and is now the Managing Director of our very successful European Headquarters, opened 2 years ago.

I also wish to share this anniversary with our Clients & Partners who have trusted us along the way. Some of you present tonight have been working with Polyglot for more than a decade. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support and ongoing trust. We are touched and honoured by your presence tonight.

And as we take the time to express our gratitude for 20 fantastic years gone by – we turn expectantly to the years that lie ahead.

Let me tell you that I look forward to the next 2 decades – a time to build and strengthen forged relationships even further; a time to create and cherish even more shared memories and a time filled with dreams and projects becoming reality: Our further overseas expansion to the US shortly as well as to China and south America.

Tonight, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I value even more, the special people that we are sharing this occasion with. It doesn’t matter where you go in life or what you achieve, or what you do – what matters most is who you have beside you along the way!

I will take this opportunity to publicly announce the 3 Winners of our 20th anniversary Quiz Competition:

Avandra Govender from Datacom is the lucky winner of our 1st prize: a Hot Air Ballooning Getaway in the Hunter Valley with Bed & Breakfast.

Chloe Fernagut from Orange Line is the lucky winner of our 2nd prize: an Ipad Air 32GB.

Alexis Galon from Astek is the lucky winner of our 3rd prize: a bundle of 20 Palace Cinema Tickets.

Before I conclude my speech, I would like to congratulate all the staff behind the organisation of our 20th anniversary celebrations, Marc, Helene B, Martine and in particular Manon, our Communication & Marketing Manager for organising tonight’s outstanding event. Guys, you have done a terrific job.

We are celebrating 20 years but more importantly, we are celebrating the people who have made it happen and been by our side every step of the way.

Thank you – one and all – for being beside us through this journey and may you be ever near in the years ahead.”

Thank you from the Polyglot Team!

Canapes: skewers

Pear canapes

Band performing: cello, guitar, saxaphone

Sparkling wine being poured by waiter on tray of glasses


About the Author:

Manon is Polyglot Group's Global Head of Marketing. Referred to a marketing "chameleon", Manon's superpower comes from her ability to jump from one project & specialty to another with ease. Not only is Manon deeply passionate about her work, she is also a diversity, empathy & equality advocate.