Polyglot Group has been helping businesses expand and optimise globally for over 20 years and does so by being available to our clients at the right time and in the right place.


Having expanded our efforts to Spain in 2013, Polyglot Group now covers the whole EMEA region with help from its offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris & South Africa.

An active partner of many different Chamber of Commerce around the globe, Polyglot Group continues to reinforce its collaboration and partnership with the French Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona and has done so through many events.

In April, we were humbled to be able to organise a round table discussion about the impact that new technologies will have and already have on HR. This event brought together Alvaro Vazquez Losada, who is responsible for the Talent et Culture Branch of Unlimiteck, Joaquin Rubio, Human Resources Director at Cofidis as well as Joan Pere Salom, Director at Deloitte as moderator.

Furthermore, in June, Jacques Reynaud – Managing Director of Polyglot Group Europe – was elected to the French Chamber of Commerce’s Board during its 2015 general assembly. Elected to take part for the next 2 years, this has only strengthened the ties between privates and public entities which will reinforce and grant change.

Jacques is passionate about people and what they can achieve when working together as a team. His undeniable belief that 2 is better than one has seen Jacques push himself and others to constantly better themselves at work and in life.

When it comes to supporting clients, Jacques works restlessly to optimise and expand their organisation’s operations. As if his 10 years of consulting experience weren’t enough, Jacques continues to practice his support through various board member roles, not to mention partaking in non-governmental organisations and associations.

French-Australian living in Spain, Jacques speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. Not one to settle, Jacque’s burning self-incentive has also seen him study German and Mandarin.

After being head of operations & General Manager in Australia for 7 years, Jacques is now based at Polyglot’s European HQ. Not deterred by time zones, Jacques works with the teams across borders to provide clients with Polyglots’ constant support.

For more information on the event “New technology and the impact on the world of Human Resources”, which was held on the 15th of April, head here.

In French

Arrivé en 2013 en Espagne, Polyglot Group déploie son champ d’action à travers le monde en se basant sur les fuseaux horaires de ses clients. Depuis ses bureaux européens à Barcelone, Madrid et Paris, Polyglot Group couvre la zone géographique s’étirant de Stockholm à Cape Town.

Actif auprès des différentes chambres de commerce bilatérale, Polyglot Group renforce sa collaboration avec la Chambre de Commerce Française de Barcelone depuis plusieurs mois.

En avril, l’organisation d’une table ronde sur l’impact des nouvelles technologies sur les Ressources Humaines a regroupé Alvaro Vazquez Losada, responsable de la branche Talent et Culture de la société de holding dont il est cofondateur, Unlimiteck, ainsi que Joaquin Rubio, DRH chez Cofidis, et Joan Pere Salom, directeur de Deloitte en tant que modérateur.

En juin dernier, lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle de 2015 de la Chambre de Commerce Française de Barcelone, Jacques Reynaud – Managing Directeur de Polyglot Group Europe – a été élu au conseil d’administration. Élu pour les 2 prochaines années, les liens entre les acteurs privés et publiques sont renforcés grâce à la présence de dirigeants d’entreprises privés.

Pour plus d’information sur la table ronde du 15 avril dernier : l’impact des nouvelles technologies sur le monde des Ressources Humaines, clickez ici.

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