Polyglot is proud to announce our landmark sponsorship with the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA) starting from March 2015.


CCCA is a non-profit organisation that brings together Chinese enterprises in Australia. Founded in 2006, CCCA is based in Sydney and has branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. It has more than 250 members in NSW, VIC, WA and QLD across various industries, such as mining, financing, real estate, manufacturing and etc.

CCCA is the bond linking its members not only to each other but also to the Australian market. The mission of CCCA is to support its members from different aspects as well as contribute to the financial connection and trade relation between China and Australia.

As a cross-cultural partner of international organisations, Polyglot is keen to utilise the unique strength to help the members of CCCA by providing pragmatic workshops and other relevant activities. With up-to-date knowledge and extensive industrial experiences, Polyglot will have CCCA as the bridge and platform to assist its members in Payroll and HR Outsourcing, Recruitment, Language and Business.

For more information about solutions our Chinese Desk is able to provide, please contact Chinese Desk Manager Kitty Chen or our Chinese Desk General Manager Chao Kang.


About the Author:

Manon is Polyglot Group's Global Head of Marketing. Referred to a marketing "chameleon", Manon's superpower comes from her ability to jump from one project & specialty to another with ease. Not only is Manon deeply passionate about her work, she is also a diversity, empathy & equality advocate.