The start of August saw more than 1,900 industry professionals gather at the largest expo for grid-connected energy storage in North America.


From the 8-10th of August, Energy Storage North America (ESNA) investigated how to deploy storage more widely across the electric power systems. The purpose? To pave the way to a more reliable, efficient and affordable power grid. As advocates for exactly that, The Polyglot Group did not hesitate to sponsor this important event, and of course, head to San Diego to see what fascinating possibilities would be brought to light.

Polyglotters Jan Rieche (Global Head of Renewable Energy) and Catherine Moore (General Manager US) shared the floor with 2000 delegates, including 200 utilities executives. When reflecting on the event, Jan commented: “I was amazed by the leadership shown by California’s utilities, especially in regard to integrating renewables into the grid and providing reliable networks.”

According to President of Southern California EdisonRon Nichols, California has installed a massive 160Mwh behind the meter.


“I was amazed by the leadership shown by California’s utilities”


California is planning projects which, just 2 years ago, were never thought possible. Southern California’s most recent addition to their storage portfolio, the two 40MWh Mira Loma battery storage projects, have been built in just under 4 months. This sheds some hope on the 100MWh project planned by Tesla in South Australia, as well as other future projects.

This year’s ENSA did not only explore the environmental benefits of grid-connected energy storage. It also brought attention to the socioeconomic advantages.  Jan took the opportunity to speak with lawmakers from conservative Republican states, such as Montana. These players saw renewable storage as a way to back the economy in their own states by bringing associated jobs to the region.

Jan also attended an Australian delegation, which explored the grid transformation in Australia by looking at key learnings from the US.

It is clear that there is a long way to go (for the US, Australia, and the world alike). However, the train towards (primarily) grid-powered renewables is most certainly on its way, and we are honoured to be on board.

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