There are many ways to give back to the community. Our close partnership with AMES Australia is just one of them – one that we’re humbled to be a part of.


AMES Australia makes all of this possible, providing humanitarian settlement, mentoring, and other professional services to refugees and migrants in Australia.

Sabrina Scherm and Miriam Krueger from our Melbourne Talent Acquisition team volunteered to conduct mock job interviews with migrants Thanh Ton Nu and Joseph Mugisha.

The pair are participants in AMES Australia’s Skilled Professional Migrant Program (SPMP).


AMES Australia

Migrants Thanh Ton Nu from Vietnam (left) and Joseph Mugisha from Uganda (right) participate in a mock job interview


Thanh Ton Nu

Thanh said that she found the Skilled Professional Migrant Program useful in building her confidence and understanding what it takes to get a job in Australia.


“It’s very useful to know about things like resumes and the job market, and the mock interviews we did with Sabrina and Miriam from Polyglot Group were really helpful.”


Originally from Vietnam, Thanh is looking to re-establish her career as a software tester.

“I’m also grateful for the advice and interview experience Polyglot Group have given us. It’s been very valuable,” she said.

Thanh said she is enjoying life in Australia.



Joseph Mugisha

Joseph is a transactional banker who has been in Australia for just over two months.

“We wanted to give our children new opportunities in education and health, and to take advantage of Australia’s high livability,” he said.


“Joining in mock interviews with staff from Polyglot Group has helped me understand how management and recruitment work in Australia.”




Small Act, Big Difference

We were delighted to be able to support newly arrived migrants.

“We are very happy to partner with AMES Australia to get to know lots of people who might be potential candidates for us […] and if we can also help them get their first position in Australia,” she said.

Working with newly arrived migrants is also rewarding on a personal level.

“It’s nice to get feedback from candidates who are grateful for the advice and support we are able to give them,” Sabrina added.

We wish Thanh and Joseph great success and happiness in Australia, with a bright and healthy future for themselves and their families.


AMES Australia


Why We Care

Even as an ever-growing multinational company, we can never forget our roots.

Our CEO and founder Corinne Bot migrated to Australia herself over 20 years ago. She notably built her business with nothing but undying dedication and passion. All this to create the thriving organisation it is today.

We only look forward to what other change-making opportunities are to come.


Do you have a community-oriented or humanitarian organisation that requires support? Why not reach out and see if our partnership could help you?

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