HR professionals are nowadays under more pressure than ever. HR issues are growing in scale and complexity, demanding more creative approaches and innovative solutions.


The Polyglot Group is always on the look-out for new and improved ways to solve these challenges. Likewise, Teneo’s HRcoreLab is an event dedicated to reshaping HR through the ways of the future.

Over the years, the Polyglot Group has consistently supported HRcoreLab and its mission. This year has been no exception. Once again, we joined forces with this incredible incentive by becoming one of HRcoreLab’s associate partners.

From the 27th to the 29th of March, we joined over 279 companies and 443 participants at Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona.

The event took place over 3 different rooms. Each room focused on a different topic: Future of Recruitment, Talent Analytics and HR Agility. The result? Non-stop discussions and presentations across a range of relevant topics. This came in the form of case-study presentations, Q&A sessions, hands-on workshops, interactive roundtables and more!

With best-in-class speakers from leading organisations, we discovered new ways to orientate a business around its people. Some of the key topics included people analytics, big data, recruitment analytics and employer branding trends.

During the course of two days, our Managing Director for Europe, Jacques Reynaud & our Madrid City Manager, Anastasia Tohmé spoke to over 100 HR specialists. As a result, we have gained a perceptive insight into the current trends and challenges impacting HR, plus the ways of the future.



“HR is incurring a digital shift. What’s more, this digital shift is a great enabler. It goes hand-in-hand with the globalisation of business.”



What the HRcoreLab highlighted was that, like many other industries, HR is incurring a digital shift. What’s more, this digital shift is a great enabler. It goes hand-in-hand with the globalisation of business.


HR processes which previously were stagnant in time and space and now becoming digitalised.

Why is this so powerful? Well, not only does it maximise productivity, but it also enables strong workplace culture. With the digitalisation of HR processes, businesses can achieve higher-end communication across gaps in time and space. As a result, all employees can be digitally connected to the HR processes no matter where they may be. This is just one example by which HR is an ever-evolving function mixing technology with organisational culture.


Overall, HR business partners are becoming “big picture thinkers.”

Indeed, HR professionals are becoming evaluators of business models at large. As such, HR is becoming a way of taking a business from its current state to its full potential—all using its greatest asset: its people.

Many expert speakers further elaborated on these points, and introduced many more topical trends. Global HR Director for Hunkemöller, Anne Jaakke presented what a great employee journey looks like, and how companies can enable this positive experience for its employees. We also enjoyed an amazing presentation from Caoimhe Keogan & Noor Van Boven on how SoundCloud utilises HR to stay one beat ahead of the business.


Are you interested in the future of HR too? Keen to get your ideas out there and here the thoughts of others? Then head along to the HRcoreLab website to stay up-to-date & register for event notifications! Plus, don’t forget to check out our blog for more articles about ground-breaking HR.

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