On Tuesday, February 20, we had the pleasure of hosting an event which is very close to our heart.


The Value of Purpose for Startups” workshop was dedicated to helping businesses communicate who they are, what they stand for and why customers should choose them.

Afterall, companies who really understand their purpose are the ones attracting the best people, growing faster and capitalising on disruption in the market.

Taking place in Barcelona, this workshop was headed up by none other than Nash Billimoria. Nash is the founder of his own self-titled leadership coaching business, and specialises in helping others to develop both personally and professionally.s


Standing Out From the Crowd

During the workshop, Nash explored some of the macro forces which are shaping the business landscape. One such primary force is the increasing level of competition.

Setting up a business has become easier and more attainable, meaning there are more businesses to compete with. As such, it’s becoming all the more important (and challenging!) to “stand out from the crowd”.

This is where the value of “purpose” comes in.


Discovering Your Company’s Intent and Purpose

Ideally, your company should be based on its purpose. But Nash recognised that not all businesses have set up on a value-led foundation.  It’s not too late.

You can begin to discover and build a value-led business model by answering the following questions.

1) If there was one social problem you could positively impact, what issue would you choose and why?

2) What is it about the world that you would want your children to experience (that may be at risk)?

3) What is the impact you’d like to leave in your lifetime?


The Importance of Purpose

Conventional wisdom states: “Companies can ignore purpose, because as a startup you have more important things to consider.”

Yet, successful business is not about profit and sales: it is about sharing your talent and passion in a valuable business world.

Companies with a purpose have a “north star” to follow through important strategic choices. This gives their teams and their customers a reason to go the extra mile. This is business gold.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building engagement and commitment through the value of purpose! Be sure to check out some of our favourite resources from Medium and Infusionsoft.

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