Polyglot Group was pleased to partner with the 4th HRcoreLAB by Teneo last week in Barcelona. HRcoreLAB gathers more than 330 Human Resources experts to share HR experiences and discover the latest HR trends for 2016.


The 2016 HRCoreLab touched upon three main themes: the “Future Of Recruitment”, “Leading With Talent” & “HR Agility”.

Polyglot Group opened the flagship European HR event with a fun On-Boarding workshop animated by Philippe Rouffiac, our visual mapping expert. Philippe uses innovative mind-mapping techniques to help companies with their Human Resources. Philippe has intricate experience with large international companies, partnering with their HR department to build better teams.

Keen to find out a bit more about what went down at the event’s 4th edition? Check out this piece written by Jacques Reynaud, our Global Head of Market Development.

A big thank to Teneo’s team for putting together such a great event as well as a big shout out to all of the European Polyglot team for supporting the preparation of the opening workshop which we were pleased to sponsor. Thank you to Philippe for his mindmaps & to all for the interesting discussions. Until next year!

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