This year marks our 6th anniversary as a Red-Carpet Sponsor of the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival.


Over the course of one month, Australia will be treated to 50 outstanding French films, featuring iconic stars such as Isabelle Hupert, Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle Devos, Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard.

As part of our support, we proudly hosted two private screenings at the beautiful Como Palace Cinema in Melbourne and the Palace Norton Street Cinema in Sydney on Thursday, the 15th and Wednesday, the 21st of February respectively.

Dedicated to our clients, these events are another opportunity to celebrate our long-lasting relationships while enjoying the delight of beautiful French cinematography (and not to mention, some delicious canapes and drinks!).

Our ongoing support of this cultural event is a reflection of Polyglot Group’s values. Multiculturalism is not only part of our DNA, but also one of our most profound strengths. As such, we love to see a diverse community come together to celebrate French culture.


Global Connectivity 

The French Film Festival is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the power of effective storytelling.

Through wonderful film-making, each movie allows viewers to gain a unique insight into the cultures and lives depicted on screen. What’s more, the stories are often based on global themes, showcasing the connectivity between the human experience all over the world.

Developing more connectivity and familiarity with other cultures is remarkably enabling. It was especially rewarding to see this play out in a cross-cultural setting.


About the Film

In facilitating this event, selecting a meaningful film was something very important to us. And we are happy to say that our selected movie did not disappoint!

Numero Une explores the status of women in France’s corporate world, and how merit shapes up against privilege. The movie delivers a powerful and relevant message about the present-day gender inequalities, and the consequential impact on society and business.

By choosing Numero Une, our wish was to encourage a change for a more gender equal word.



It appears that this message truly resonated with our 250 guests! In fact, viewer’s reported that the film was “so pertinent to the current debate”, “very poignant as mums with careers”  as well as “relevant for the corporate world as we discuss gender diversity and women in leadership.”

As believers in the power of unity and diversity, we look forward to continuing to support these values through celebrating them with others.

Want to experience the night again? Check out our gallery of photos for Melbourne and for Sydney.


Want to head along to the festival in your city? Simply head along to the Alliance Française French Film Festival website to attend one of the upcoming screenings.


About the Author:

Manon is Polyglot Group's Global Head of Marketing. Referred to a marketing "chameleon", Manon's superpower comes from her ability to jump from one project & specialty to another with ease. Not only is Manon deeply passionate about her work, she is also a diversity, empathy & equality advocate.