The Hannover Messe is the biggest commercial trade fair in the world. It is dedicated to exploring technologies in the energy sector, as well as promoting business opportunities of the future.


Taking place from the 23 – 27 April, this year’s summit truly lived up to its world-renowned reputation. Our own GM for Energy and Infrastructure, Jan Rieche headed to Hannover, Germany to catch the latest trends.

All sectors of “innovation” were investigated,  including R&D, industrial automation and IT, production engineering, as well as energy and environmental technology. As such, the Hannover Messe was a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn about new industry trends, as well as develop new sales leads.

This year, the Hannover Messe showcased approximately 6,500 exhibitions from over 70 different countries. In total, a massive 27 halls were filled with equipment and technologies from all over the world.

The 4-day summit kicked off with an opening ceremony from politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło who welcomed all attendees to this incredible opportunity.

Every year, the Hannover Messe focuses on the strengths of a particular partner country. This year, Poland took center stage. As such, the event explored some of Poland’s most notable sectors including robotics, industrial IT, medical technologies, and energy. In particular, “industry 4.0” was a major focus, which refers to the automation of industrial and manufacturing processes. From e-mobility to industry 4.0, it was clear that Germany and Poland were leading the way in these technologies of the future.

The event did not fail to present an abundance of discussions. True to its mantra “The whole World of Technology under a single Umbrella”, the Hannover Messe showcased an array of different summits, panels, presentations, exhibitions, and talks.

As enthusiasts of innovation, we look forward to attending more Hannover Messe events and supporting businesses taking their technologies to the world…

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