In a high-tech world full of opportunities, the HR industry has big shoes to fill.


Today, HR leaders need to think in large and innovative ways. After all, they have big questions to explore.

How can businesses utilize the power of globalization, and manage remote teams? How can HR keep-up with the changing workforce? And most importantly, how can technology enable human-to-human relationships?

These are the questions behind the HR TechXpo. Created by Northern California Human Resources Association, this expo is where HR & technology meet. This event offers a unique hands-on opportunity to explore HR systems through cutting-edge exhibitions. The purpose? To use tech as an enabler for better human management!

Learning about HR technology is something we would not miss out on. So, on August 25, our GM for the US, Catherine Moore, headed to the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Here are just some of the discoveries that we made.


Tech is Revolutionizing HR

Today, almost every element of HR can be enhanced with a digital tool. From talent acquisition to managing employee information, we can safely say “there’s a piece of software for that!”.

Overall, it’s clear that digital software is empowering businesses and individuals with clever advancements.


You Can Take On the World

With advancements such as cloud-based software and real-time systems, managing a remote team is all the more effortless. Developers are simplifying their products, making global HR management easier than ever before.

These advancements are empowering businesses to take on new markets and hire local talent with added simplicity.


… But Human-to-Human Touch Is More Important Than Ever

With all this talk about tech, it’s easy to lose sight of what HR is really about.

As Catherine explains in her interview, HR is often misconceived as a series of internal processes & functions. And whilst the HR practices are essential for a multitude of reasons (such as being compliant), it doesn’t get to the heart of its primary purpose.

A business can be fully compliant, yet have a poor workplace culture. A business can attract the best talent, yet lose that candidate through poor onboarding.

Even with state-of-the-art technology, you cannot “digitally obtain” employee engagement. You can not “purchase” company culture.


Tech Enables People. It Does Not Replace Them.

HR is a special industry as it’s all about enabling the people in a business. Whether a candidate is taking a new job, or an employee is planning their parental leave, HR has a monumental impact on human lives.

This fundamental “human” element simply cannot be fulfilled by tech. Yes, software can improve HR functions. But it cannot offer the empathy, support, or understanding that is the foundation of HR.



 HR Will Continue to Evolve

Whilst some elements of HR will always remain, there’s no denying that the industry is evolving in rapid and exciting ways.

We are always intrigued to see how the HR industry will grow and continue to better individuals and businesses alike. That’s why we will be participating in many more upcoming events, including the 2017 Global HR Forum.

Interested? Head NCHRA’s event page for more information.

See you there!

About the Author:

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