You don’t have to be retired and rich to have an idea and run with it. Or, in Stephanie’s case, cycle with it!

For our latest LeadUp and Speak Up podcast episode, we sat down with founder, entrepreneur, and human rights advocate Stephanie Lorenzo.

Stephanie is the founder and former CEO of Project Futures, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at tackling human trafficking in south-east Asia. As she recounts in the podcast, her journey was in no way predictable or linear. The Marketing & Communications professional came across a book at age 21 that would change the course of her life forever.

Stephanie now works as Communications Director at Voices of Faith. Based in Rome, Stephanie focuses on spreading the word and driving change in the Catholic Church – one of the oldest and historically most influential institutions in the Western world.

Stephanie shows a striking yet carefully balanced contrast in her character. The young entrepreneur, speaker and humanitarian is strong-willed yet deeply sensitive about issues around social justice and equality.

Tune in to hear her inspiring story, and how we may all do our part to combat human injustice and strife – no matter what resources we have on hand.


About the Author:

Monica is a self-confessed grammar nerd and passionate advocate of diversity, equality, and cultural heritage. Communication is her trade and words and languages are her best tools, allowing her to bring creative flair to any kind of content that she creates.