Many are calling it the eCommerce Revolution. Indeed, no major retailer is immune to the skyrocketing demand for online shopping.


This trend is globalising sales, trade, logistics; the whole supply chain. And it’s also globalising retail business opportunities, says Salesupply‘s Jeroen Leenders.

For our latest episode of Grow Your Own Way, we sat down with Leenders, who is the Global Sales & Marketing Director at Salesupply, an international eCommerce logistics and call centre company. Salesupply provides sales support to luxury brands like Coach, Land Rover, Segway, and many more.



We were particularly interested in uncovering Jeroen’s secrets to happy, diverse teams: delivering first-class customer service, helping clients on-the-ground, and predicting the future of customer experience.

Tune in to learn just how to succeed in today’s eCommerce industry!

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