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Abhishek Saraswat

Payroll Officer

Abhishek completed his Bachelor's degree in Business at Ansal University in Gurgaon, India, before moving to Australia in April 2017 to do his Masters in Accounting. Before joining Polyglot, he worked as an investment consultant and bookkeeper for a real estate company.

Abhishek now works as a payroll officer at Polyglot Group; looking after multiple clients across Australia and New Zealand. He is a quick learner, team player and he loves challenges, as it keeps him going.

To top it all off, he speaks four languages; English, Hindi, Haryanvi, and Punjabi.

Connect with Abhishek:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Abhishek
Cricket Bat Sports Fanatic Abhishek lives for cricket and football. He loves Manchester City and will until he dies!
Coffee Laid-back He is an easy going person.
Gaming King of the Video Games Abhishek is a master at video games, and reckons he can beat anyone in FIFA.
Doctor Hospital Regular Abhishek has broken his bones seven times! Six while playing cricket, and one when ice skating.
Beer Bottles of Beer His favourite drink is beer.
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