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Aisha Groenewald

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Many people have their 'thing', or specialty. Aisha's is undoubtedly finding top talent! She holds a National Diploma in Human Resources Management and boasts 6 years of experience in Recruitment and Selection.

In 2011, she started her career within Graduate Internal Recruitment, before moving into External Recruitment, with international campaigns for the booming Oil & Gas industries in Africa. She then migrated towards Mining & Construction, as a specialist in finding the niche skills sets sought after by countries across Africa and around the globe.

Having recruited across the African continent, her experience has since broadened to a myriad of industries and specialties. Aisha has expertise in sourcing talent for Mining, Geoscience, Engineering, Processing, Mill and Metallurgy, Trades and Maintenance, Construction, Supply Chain, SHERQ Finance, Commercial & Business Support, Oil & Gas, Drilling, Airfreight & Maintenance, Broadcasting, Commercial, Administration, Finance & Human Resources.

In total, Aisha has placed over 70 people internationally within different industries, from executive to blue-collar staff. You name it, she's sourced and placed it!

She is thrilled to join an organisation that specialises across the board and believes in directing outstanding talent to where it belongs and thrives the most.

Connect with Aisha:

The Polyglot Group +27 76 801 4678
6 Spin St, CBD
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa
5 Things You Didn't Know About Aisha
Cake Sweet Tooth Aisha can't resist a sugary treat!
Mountain Outdoorsy She loves the great outdoors and exploring all of what nature has to offer
backpack icon Adventurous Curious by nature, Aisha loves to try new things and challenge herself continuously
Astronaut Superpower of Choice If she could choose a superpower, it would be teleportation - imagine the (travel) possibilities!
Humanitarian 1 Family First Aisha is very family-oriented and cherishes quality time with her relatives
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