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Andrea Molander

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Andrea's recruitment career started by completing a degree in HR, a field she chose as she was fascinated by the incredible impact that people can have within any organisation. Get the right people on board, and a struggling business can blossom. Equally, hire the wrong people and a successful business can begin to fail.

As a Talent Acquisition professional, she has been given the chance to find talent across all levels of seniority across white-collar technical and non-technical roles. Andrea loves recruiting in the renewable energy industry as sustainability is something she is very passionate about. She finds it truly rewarding being part of the green journey.

For Andrea, the combination of her solid recruitment experience together with a background in HR has given her a more holistic view which has helped her when consulting for clients and finding the right people.

Connect with Andrea:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
0410 309 328
25 Burton St
Glebe NSW 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Andrea
Mountain Tree Hugger Andrea loves trees - and Australia has too many to name!
Cooking Foreign Foodie Her favourite travel destination for food is India. Bring on the spice!
Grandpa 2 She Nose Best Andrea's fascinatingly long tongue reaches all the way to her nose!
Question Mark Aspiring Omniglot If Andrea had a superpower, it would be to speak every language in the world
Daredevil 1 A-choo! (and again!) She normally sneezes at least 7 times, so you’ll need to hold off saying ‘bless you’!
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