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Clarisse Joachim-Arnaud

Language & Outsourcing Services Manager

Clarisse's love for languages dates back to when she was a little girl, which is why she decided to make a career out of it. After completing a Master's in English, she went on to specialise in Multilingual Translation.

Having worked in the language industry for over 16 years, Clarisse has held various positions across the funnel, from a teacher, translator, project manager, production manager, and business development manager. Over that time, she has mostly worked for translation companies, but also got a taste of the workflow of a post-production studio, where she discovered the secrets behind dubbing films, series, animation and documentaries.

A global citizen, Clarisse has lived in France, Martinique, Barbados, Belgium, and now Spain. She speaks French, Creole, English, Spanish, Catalan, and has basic knowledge of Dutch. Clarisse is deeply fond of Barcelona, where she has been living for the last 12 years, and loves her life as an expat. She ultimately thrives in a multicultural environment, making her the perfect fit for Polyglot Group!

Connect with Clarisse:

The Polyglot Group +34 931 195 975
+34 699 109 697
Av. de Josep Tarradellas
38 - 08029
Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Clarisse
Moon Lost in Translation At age 10, Clarisse translated "Au clair de la lune" using her brother's dictionary. It may not have been accurate, but she still sang it all summer long.
Swim 1 Sink or Swim Even though Clarisse lived for 17 years on an island, she is a decidedly poor swimmer.
Cake 1 Bon Appetit! What Clarisse misses the most in Spain are French pastries. So she makes her own - chouquettes, chocolate éclairs, cakes, and more!
Question Mark Little Linguists Clarisse is amazed at how quickly her kids can switch from speaking Spanish, to Catalan, to French!
Bottle Attention! In another life, Clarisse worked as a sub-lieutenant in the French Navy, which she recalls as an immensely enriching experience.
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