Meet Our Family

Playfully dubbed “Polyglotters”,
we are united in our diversity and
are ready to help you in your growth journey.

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Chief Cuddle Officer

Prince Huxley was born blue blooded as the heir to the famous Fourrivers family of country NSW Labradors. Hardly one to follow the rules, Huxley chose a career as a guide dog instead of inheriting the backyard empire he was destined for. Unfortunately for him, he did not quite make the program due to health reasons. That fact luckily landed him in the care of Jan at the age of one. Spending most of his down time up in Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury, he has been a constant companion to everyone in the office in Sydney. He loves his colleagues as they are always buying him lunch and we appreciate him all the same as we have the cleanest rubbish and barely any organic leftovers in the company.

Connect With Huxley:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Huxley
Meat icon white Big Dreams Huxley dreams of one day being able to teleport to a butcher so as to taste the best meat around.
Cat icon white Trade For A Day If Huxley were to trade lives with anyone for a day, it would be his friend Smokey – a 3 year old cat, who is allowed to roam freely (and search for food) all day…
Superhero icon white Super Power If Huxley could have a super power, he would be able to open the fridge by himself…
Apple icon white Foodie Huxley is quite the foodie and does not discriminate when it comes to treats. He is very fond of apples in particular and will beg for a bite with just one look.
Pilates icon white Bizarre Talent Huxley has perfected the Upward Dog and Downward Dog yoga moves and is renowned for his flexibility.
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