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Playfully dubbed “Polyglotters”,
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Jade de Kort

Partnerships & Business Development Manager

Jade studied Social and Business Economics at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. Following this, she tumbled into the Human Resources industry, which was a great match. Helping companies find the talent they need, as well as assisting candidates in evolving into their best professional selves, and realising their true potential gave her the professional fulfillment she was looking for.

She then worked for 6 1/2 years for the world’s largest HR services provider, starting as a consultant and eventually growing into a leading key account position, where she was serving a handful of Belgium’s largest retail accounts. Jade is passionate about building bridges, connecting people and pushing boundaries to help businesses and people grow. As a true polyglot, Jade speaks fluent Dutch and English, decent French and basic German.

After being delayed for more than two years due to the global pandemic, Jade finally had the chance to move to Australia and pursue a new professional chapter. Considering her personality and professional background, the position of Partnerships & Business Development Manager could not be more adequate. As a Business Magician (as it says on her business card), she's here to explore new opportunities and partnerships, expand and nourish Polyglot's existing ones, and make sure our ongoing business and associations are optimised to accommodate our growth.

Connect with Jade:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
25 Burton Street
Glebe NSW 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jade
Plane A True Globetrotter She has travelled the world extensively in the past 12 years. Don't ask for her favourite country, though - she'll never be able to choose!
Globe Interesting Background Jade was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium but is actually half Dutch and half Italian! She reckons she is a mix of Dutch straight-forwardness and Italian feistiness.
Gymnastics 1 Personal Trainer In Belgium, she worked as a personal trainer for 3 1/2 years as a second job. So any nutrition questions you have, she's the one to ask.
Running Little Ball Of Energy Laziness is not in Jade's dictionary. When she's not working out at the gym, she is either bouncing around the city or the beach.
Candy Candy Crush Her guilty pleasure is candy. She loves them all - sour, sweet, colourful, you name it!
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