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Laura Boinot Corporate Portrait

Laura Boinot

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Passionate and experienced Recruitment Consultant with over 7 years of expertise in identifying and attracting top talent for a variety of roles. With a strong background in recruitment, Laura has developed effective strategies to meet the needs of both businesses and candidates, ensuring successful placements.

Laura reached a significant milestone in her career by opening a recruitment agency in Bordeaux in 2016, where she had the opportunity to put her recruitment, personnel management, and business development skills into practice. This enriching experience has allowed her to deepen her understanding of the job market's needs and gain a strategic vision to effectively support businesses and candidates in their professional endeavors.

In September 2023 she took the decision to move to Australia, joining the Polyglot family in 2024.
Driven by a genuine interest in human connections and interpersonal relationships, Laura is committed to providing personalised and high-quality service based on listening, trust, and professionalism. Her mission is to contribute to businesses' success by identifying the most suitable talents for their needs while supporting candidates in their career progression.

Connect With Laura:

The Polyglot Group +61 (02) 9518 4388
5 Things You Didn't Know About Laura
Map icon white Orientation Laura struggles with orientation, she often forgets where she parks the car.
Clumsy Laura tends to be clumsy: unfortunately she had few sprains and fractures.
Paint icon white Artist She loves painting and drawing.
Microphone Icon White Quebecois Laura can imitate the Quebecois accent very well.
Moon icon white Squint When she's very tired, Laura tends to squint.
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