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Manon Bot

Global Head of Marketing

Manon is passionate about embracing diversity in one’s career, whether that be in the number of languages that one can speak, to the variety of skills and strengths one chooses to nurture. Not surprisingly, Manon’s particular set of skills are extremely diverse and vary from Digital Marketing, Strategy & Brand Development to Communication & Advertising as well as Event Management & PR. Not one to discriminate, she also specialises in Graphic & Web Design along with Photography.

Having worked as a freelance creative consultant for 4 years before joining Polyglot Group, Manon is a seasoned digital strategy, marketing & branding professional. Her extensive experience serving small to medium businesses as well as enterprise level organisations makes her the ultimate chameleon. Now leading Polyglot Group's global marketing department, you can find her constantly breaking boundaries & reaching for the stars with her amazing team.

Bilingual in French & English as well as learning Spanish, Manon’s distinct career path means that she is very much like a fruit salad: a complex mix of ingredients put together in a bowl to create something delicious & colourful.

Manon's passion for diversity extends past her own life and experience. In fact, she is a strong advocate for diversity & equality in all its forms (may it be gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc.) and carries the vibrant belief that the world is better when we embrace & celebrate diversity rather than shut it down.

Connect With Manon:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
+61 420 448 165
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Manon
Camera Shutter Bug In her spare time, Manon is also a professional photographer, having had her work exhibited & published in international magazines.
Cake 1 Cake Manon’s first word was “Gateau” which means cake in French. Priorities!
Rocket Big Dreams Manon dreams of flying to the moon and seeing Earth from a new perspective.
Superhero 1 Super Power If she had a super power, Manon would want to speak every language fluently.
Snowflake Santa Baby Manon's favourite time of year is Christmas. Having been born in Australia, she longs to experience a white Xmas at least once in her life.
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