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Nastassja Leonhard

HR Consultant - International

Graduating with a Bachelor's in Business Administration for Hospitality Management, Nastassja found her passion for HR through her first role in the hotel industry.

She later worked in the Insurance and Tech sectors, where she gained further HR experience while handling operations for a number of countries across the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region.

Nastassja has been all over the world; living in Germany, the USA, Amsterdam, London, and France. She is also a true polyglotter; she speaks German, French, English, and Russian. As our HR Consultant - International, Nastassja is the perfect fit here at Polyglot.

She is based in our Paris office.

Connect with Nastassja:

The Polyglot Group
+33 7 55 70 22 41
Spaces Opéra Garnier
7 Rue Meyerbeer
75009 Paris
5 Things You Didn't Know About Nastassja
Chocolate 1 Chocaholic Chocolate is Nastassja's weakness!
Rugby Ball White Brothers Aplenty Nastassja has triplet brothers.
Mask 1 LOL You'll find that Nastassja is always the first person to laugh.
Music Music Lover Going to a music festival? You'll likely see Nastassja there, she loves them!
Cooking No Home Cook Rarely will you find Nastassja cooking at home.
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