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Romain Diani

HR Consultant - International

Equipped with a Masters in HR, and over 8 years of experience working across Australia, the UK, and France, Romain has extensive experience working in multicultural environments across various functions and industries, including recruitment, payroll, and HR. From compliance to best practices, his 360 expertise enables him to advise businesses on a broad range of HR matters.

With strong business acumen, Romain has the innate ability to translate business strategies into HR practices throughout the entire employee lifecycle. This makes him the ideal candidate to support both international and local clients looking to develop their presence across the EMEA region.

Committed to using his expertise to better employee experience and improve HR processes, Romain prides himself on creating a real partnership with his clients, enabling them to grow more sustainably.

Connect with Romain:

The Polyglot Group +33 7 55 70 22 41
Spaces Opéra Garnier
7 Rue Meyerbeer
75009 Paris
5 Things You Didn't Know About Romain
Adventurer Roman is naturally very curious and loves trying new activities and exploring new places.
Shower Karaoke Romain isn't ashamed to acknowledge he loves to sing in the shower. In fact, his go-to song is Iko Iko!
Superhero 1 Hero Time To this day, Romain's hero remains his grandfather. Not only because he reads a lot, is close to nature and speaks 3 languages, but also because he survived the Algerian war and multiple terrorist attacks.
icon 5 Super Power Romain's super power of choice would be teleportation, to be able to travel anywhere in the world.
Heart 2 Carpe Diem Romain's lives by his motto: "Life's too short. Dare to get out of your comfort zone to live without regrets!"
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