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Stefan Welack

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Born in Bad Muskau (Germany), a provincial town at the German-Polish border, Stefan has always been curious about what else the world had to offer. A big believer in the power of education and lifelong learning, he was close to becoming a teacher but chose to dedicate himself to HR instead. Knowing that the recruitment industry is a bit of a rollercoaster, he has been enjoying the ride since then and has 8 years' experience focused on talent acquisition and employer branding.

Stefan is human centered, committed to his clients and candidates and driven by providing both parties with an amazing hiring experience. Stefan’s easy-going nature puts individuals at ease which means that he can truly have an impact on their mindset.

Stefan is extremely passionate about new technologies, social media, start-ups as well as innovative product, which has seen him participate and mentor at multiple Hackathons over the years. Having a strong business impact and the opportunity to meet the best and most talented people, he is glad to work in an exciting and highly competitive industry that is forever keeping him on his toes.

Connect With Stefan:

The Polyglot Group +61 3 9077 2670
+61 450 939 962
129 Drummond Street
Carlton VIC 3053
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Stefan
Robot Part-Time Geek Stefan codes in his free-time and embraces a new mobile gadget every few months.
Hamburger Burger Fanatic Stefan is well known for his obsession with burgers. Back in Germany, his former colleagues bid him farewell with a round of burgers!
Apple 1 Solid As A Rock Stefan hasn’t called in sick a single day since he started his career back in 2008.
Gaming Bit Of A Nerd Stefan was a member of the Electronic Sports league and his longest online session was more than 11 hours of non-stop playing!
Globe Dedicated Traveller Stefan spends most of his earnings on travelling the globe, on city at a time.
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