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Valerian Carpentier

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Valerian has a sales and marketing background. His first positions were more marketing-oriented. He soon moved on to a business development role within an engineering consulting company. That's where he first had a taste of recruitment, and he hasn't looked back. Valerian has had a varied career working across the food, construction, IT, education, energy, insurance, and banking industries - just to name a few!

He has now joined us at Polyglot Group as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Here, he seeks to match clients with candidates through not just technical skill but also shared values. Valerian is fluent in French and English.

Connect with Valerian:

The Polyglot Group +61 2 9518 4388
+61 401 038 292
25 Burton St
Glebe 2037
5 Things You Didn't Know About Valerian
Mask And Snorkel White Watersports Fanatic Valerian loves the water, he swims three times a week and on the weekends you can find him snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving and surfing. He says Sydney is the dream place to be!
Gaming Nerd He loves playing video games and watching Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars to name a few!
Candy Sweet Tooth Valerian has a sweet tooth and is a chocaholic. He firmly believes that a meal is not complete without dessert or at least a piece of chocolate!
Flower Bee-Keeping the Peace Valerian is all about saving the bees and is our go-to bee catcher in the office.
Tape White Eclectic Mixtape His taste in music is extensive and worldwide. He listens to country music, rock n roll, K-Pop, rap, Spanish songs - to name a few.
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