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Wensa Felipe

Payroll Officer

Based in our Barcelona office but hailing all the way from the Dominican Republic in Latin America, Wensa has quite a diverse background.

After graduating in Business Administration in the Dominican Republic, she later moved to Madrid in Spain to do a Master's degree in the Direction & Management of Human Resources. Wensa always knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to Human Resources. She unites her knowledge of employment and administration complexities with a deep interest in interpersonal relations. Her expertise and skills aptly cover Customer Service, Payroll and Personnel Management.

She has more than 8 years' experience in the Payroll and Personnel Administration sectors in Spain. Working as a Payroll Officer at Polyglot Group, she is excited to have found the ideal place to grow and boost her professional career.

Connect with Wensa:

The Polyglot Group
Av. de Josep Tarradellas
38 - 08029
Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Wensa
Pizza Foodie Wensa loves eating out at restaurants and trying new foods
Thumbs Up Lean on Me Wensa takes pride in being responsible, both at work and in her personal life
Soccer Team Player She thrives in a team environment and loves working with others to achieve great results
Humanitarian 1 Family Oriented Wensa cherishes the time she spends with family and friends
Hiking Eye of an Explorer Wensa enjoys watching TV shows about travel destinations and home makeovers/decorations
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